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Petting a Boy (Chapter 10)

Title: Petting a Boy (Chapter 10)
Pairing: Hyukhae
Length: Chaptered
Genre: Mafia!AU, Drama, Romance
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2705
Extra infos: Top!Hyuk, Teenage!Donghae
Disclaimer: I hope they are mine.
Beta-ed by: sweet nathy na_jin_br
Summary: Hyukjae was a 25 years old single 'free-lancer' that loved to play around with girl. Not until he met Donghae, a strange 16 years old boy that cross-dressed when he had saved him from his bullies friends. Maybe Hyukjae regretted his actions, because the boy suddenly invaded his life and free-loaded him. Until almost one year later, when suddenly one by one fishy events and problems started to happen. Leaded them to more lies. But more truths finally had been revealed.
Ime's Note: I promises you, you'll find more than enough surprises and even more mysteries in this chapter! :3 Happy reading!!
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We were hastily running towards the back entrance while dragging the wounded Sungmin and Zhou Mi along.

Hannie was the one who shot Zhou Mi leg, he admitted it. But Kyuhyun didn’t say anything about it. He understood that right then in Hannie’s eyes, Zhou Mi was an enemy. In other hand, Sungmin was shot in the chest and he was bleeding badly. He was shot while trying to protect me. I felt my heart twitch painfully at the thought.

The guys in black suits and Hannie fled in no time, without leaving a trace behind. And, as we run down the corridor to the lower floors, it seemed that they barged in full force as all the Triad was already down and scattered around dead.

My disappointment changed to anger in every second. I was betrayed. I was betrayed by one of the people I trusted the most.

But I couldn’t ponder on my thoughts further as we reached the exit and found a worried Kimbum in a corner. He was so frightened to see us with two wounded people hanging on our necks. He hastily ran to the minivan that was hidden behind a shadow, where an equally worried Ryeowook was waiting in the driver seat.

The teacher jumped in shock as he watches us approaching him. He jumped off the driver seat immediately to open the back seat door.

“Wh… wha… what happened?” He squeaked, but no one answered him.

What drew my attention, however, was someone that, a moment ago, was leaning on the wall in front of the car.

I was about to ask when Donghae pulled me inside the car.

“Shindong-sshi, hurry!” Kimbum said and opened up the door for him.

Kyuhyun took the driver seat and drove us in a rush. He was nearly breaking into tears. No one dared to say anything to him. Until Ryeowook-sshi realized something and pointed it out.

“Kyu…Kyuhyun-sshi…” He called timidly, “We…we just passed the hospital!”

“We aren’t going to a hospital.” Kyuhyun said flatly as if it was clear enough and there was no need for more explanation.

“We have two injured people here and you said you wouldn’t take them to the hospital?!” Heechul screamed, “Are you freaking crazy? Turn the fucking car around!”

Kyuhyun was red with anger. He was too concentrated in driving he didn’t really want to explain, but he did, “There’re dead people back there! Are you aware what we were just involved in? If I take them to hospital, they will be under custody!”

“What matters now are their lives!! They can deal with it later! We can deal with it later! I’ll not let you kill them by your reckless action! They need a doctor now!”

Kyuhyun threw a death glare through the fogged mirror at me. “Talking about reckless actions…” then he shifted his attention to the road again when he said, “We have a doctor. Call Leeteuk-sshi and tell him to prepare for an emergency surgery,”

“He is a nurse! Not a doctor!” Heechul said, getting more restless.

“Yeah, but Hyukjae is a doctor,” Kyuhyun said, without looking at me. But the rest of the passengers, even the wounded ones and the two kids in the front seat, looked at me questioningly.

“Aren’t you?” Kyuhyun asked, still didn’t look at me.

It was too much for me.

First, Sungmin got hurt because of me. Second, Hannie jumped out of nowhere with a squad, saved my ass. And now, Kyuhyun overconfidently pointed out the fact that he shouldn’t know.

“Yes,” I answered shortly, not really wanting to get questioned here. Suddenly I met Donghae’s gaze, clouded with questions and something that I couldn’t point out.

After someone called Leeteuk, the rest of the journey was spent in silent.

We were practically running to my apartment; because we didn’t want anyone to see us dragging people with bloody clothes around.

We were welcomed by a worried Teukie and Kangin-hyung.

As if things couldn’t get worse, I watched Kangin’s face changing rapidly. Color was gone from his face and an angry frown was placed in it as soon as he spotted Shindong entering my apartment.

“WHAT.ARE.YOU.DOING.HERE?” Teukie-hyung was as surprised as him, but he came in between them and held Kangin before he could do anything.

But, of course, Kangin was too strong for anyone. So, as Shindong was already inside and couldn’t get away from Kangin, he fled to the kitchen while both Kyuhyun and Heechul helped Teukie to drag Kangin out of the apartment.

Kangin’s curses still could be heard outside. Shindong was pale in the kitchen. Sungmin and Zhou Mi were lifeless in the living room. And the rest was so confused to even do anything.

“Take them to Donghae’s room,” I said weakly, to no one in particular.

I rolled up my sleeves as I entered the bathroom where Leeteuk had already prepared my equipments. But I came to a halt in front of the mirror.

I looked at my reflection intensely, trying to judge myself. Truthfully, over all the feelings I felt right then, I felt scared.

I took a deep breath before disinfecting my hands and preparing myself.

Teukie-hyung was preparing towels when I came out from the bathroom. He was defensive and looked like he didn’t wish to talk about Kangin and Shindong. Well, since we had urgent matters to attend, other problems could be shoved aside for a while. But the ruckus earlier clearly ruined his mood.

But, as soon as he spotted me, he softened his face and gave me a weak smile. He always knew whenever I needed to be comforted the most.

As if he was saying, “We know you can do it, Hyuk! Believe in yourself! ” out loud.

My hands were shaking. Because of nervousness and all the stares the other gave me. I silently entered Donghae’s room without saying anything. Teukie followed me immediately.

As soon as I entered Donghae’s room, my mind almost couldn’t focus on my patients. I couldn’t get rid of guilt every time I saw how Sungmin was suffering. He was already pale due to lack of blood. Zhou Mi sat on a chair. Also bleeding, but he didn’t look as bad as Sungmin.

It didn’t help that I could hear conversations outside.

“Hyuk,” Teukie patted my arm to get me back from my reveries, “I asked Kyuhyun-sshi to get you some blood for Sungmin and Zhou Mi,”

I nodded and proceeded to Sungmin, who was on Donghae’s bed. But Teukie-hyung patted me again. I turned around and he said, “Hyuk, get hold of your self.” I turned around to look at a half conscious Sungmin and nodded.

Teukie gave me an assuring squeeze and Zhou Mi spoke up for the first time, “Hyukjae-sshi, we believe in you,” which honestly made me want to cry, but also encouraged me to do what I had to.

Kyuhyun came back with some packs of blood when I successfully took the bullet off Sungmin’s chest. He almost died because bled too much. But Kyuhyun was fast. I wondered how he was able to get them in such amount of time.

But I was glad Sungmin didn’t suffer any internal bleeding, so he’d get better soon. I hoped soon enough. While Zhou Mi, the bullet didn’t get too deep in his leg. But I ran out of analgesics so he was in pain when I cut open his flesh.

Zhou Mi insisted on going even if I said no. I hated patients who didn’t hear what their doctor said. But he couldn’t stand staying there while his family and association were assassinated.

Kyuhyun contemplated between accompanying Zhou Mi and staying for Sungmin. But it seemed like Zhou Mi was the one who needed him the most, because everybody was still staying at my apartment.

Apparently Kangin-hyung was locked up in his apartment and no one was willing to set him free any time soon.

Kimbum, Donghae and their teacher were sitting silently by the dining table, coffee in hand. Heechul was outside in the balcony holding a beer while Shindong still was pale in the kitchen doing nothing.

Shindong was wearing his usual clothes, simple shirt, fishing vest and shorts. A black small bag slung around his neck, which he held tightly.

“Excuse me,” Teukie-hyung approached Shindong, who flinched in surprise, “I don’t think you have business here. I suggest you to, please, leave,”

I was drying my hand when I saw Teukie talking to Shindong and, as I still didn’t know what the problem is, I tried to defend Shindong, “Teukie, calm down! He is my friend. He didn’t intend something bad!”

But at this Shindong lowered his head and that made me think if he indeed had no bad intentions.

“I don’t know, Hyukjae, but it’s best for him to leave before Youngwoon find a way to break loose and try to kill him again.”

“I’ll leave,” Shindong said weakly, “I know I made a mistake in the past, but I want you to know I don’t have any bad intentions. I was reckless then and I’m willing to atone for my sin to you,”

Shindong was eyeing Teukie pleadingly.

“What was all this about?” I said confused. They didn’t bother answering me as Teukie gave him a small nod and Shindong left immediately.

“Shindong-hyung!” I called, “Can you please explain?”

“Sorry, Hyuk,” He looked back with a weak smile, “Your hyung will explain it to you,” and he left.

“So?” I said, turning to Teukie who was now packing his equipment.

Teukie didn’t say anything.

“Hyung, you have a lot of explaining to do.” I said, getting angry. I still remembered what Kangin-hyung told me, when I was in panic because of Donghae’s missing. Kangin said to talk to Teukie-hyung and he also said that it was best for me to call Hankyung for help.

And what was happening next? Hankyung barged in with guys and guns in hands. And he was freaking killing people! Just a few hours ago, I still thought he was as harmless as any other ex-studio-owner I ever knew. If Kangteuk knew something about this, this might be and might only be something related to my family.

And oh! About Mr. Boss and Kyu who know that I was a doctor.

Teukie-hyung looked up to me and then shifted his stare to the people behind me who were eagerly listening to our conversation. People who unwillingly were dragged along to this shit, and they too needed explanations. They deserved it.

Okay, but I understood what Teukie meant by his silent stare. He knew I didn’t want anyone to get involved in any discussion about my family. So I kept my silence. We could talk about this later.

I turned around to face everybody. Heechul had change to decent clothes and his face red from alcohol. While the kids and their teacher still sat silently in the dining table.

I tried to avoid the others’ gaze but couldn’t find any word to utter.

“So…,” Heechul said, “Are you going explain? Can we talk now?”

“Did you guys talk?” I asked referring to the conversation I heard when I was treating Sungmin.

We all eyed Donghae. The kid was shaking in fear.

“Thought it was time for you to tell us the truth,” I said solemnly.

“Yes, Donghae,” Ryeowook-sshi spoke up, “Why did you come to such a place? What were you doing outside school and getting involved with them?”

“Not only that,” Heechul add, “I want to know why my Boss, my ex-Boss that is, was very interested in you and your family,” and Heechul suddenly turned his attention to me, “And your family too, Hyukjae!”

“Eh? What?” Ryeowook couldn’t catch up with the current conversation, “Isn’t Hyukjae-sshi Donghae’s cousin?”

I tried to avoid Ryeowook’s confused eyes.

“They aren’t related,” Teukie answered him for me.

Ryeowook couldn’t seem find a word to answer that. He was left speechless. He seemed like he didn’t believe what he was getting himself into, “Are you all… Mafia?”

“I’m sorry to involve you, teacher-sshi, but we aren’t, at least as long as I know.” Teukie eyed Donghae, “Do you wish to tell us, Donghae?”

He kept silent, slowly his head fell.

“You aren’t an orphan are you?” I asked, feeling like I wouldn’t be surprised if he decided to lie.

Donghae was looking up at me and eyed me sadly. “No, it’s the truth. I was an orphan…” He looked down again and continued, “I was looking for my mother…”

“You said she’s dead,” I didn’t really intend to hurt him, really, but my heart ached when he looked up again at me, with that expression.

“They said so…”

“Who are they?” Ryeowook-sshi gently asked.

Donghae flinched, he hesitated.

“Who are ‘they’?” Heechul repeated the question.

“The people I ran out from…”


“It’s better not to know, it will endanger you!” Donghae looked up with much resolution in his eyes.

“We were involved in gun fires. Does that really matter, Donghae?” Heechul asked impatiently.

Donghae nodded. He seemly wouldn’t say anything else no matter how we try.

And at that exact moment, Hannie entered my living room. I immediately launched myself at him and tried to harm him, but Teukie was fast. He held me still. Heechul also joined the commotion, to help Teukie, “You traitor! I thought you’re my hyung!”

My anger was surpassed again at the sign of the Chinese man.

“You are working under that old man aren’t you?” I kept on shouting, didn’t really remember that Sungmin was sleeping in Donghae room.

“Hyukjae, clam down!” Teukie desperately said.

“I trusted you! Hyoyeon trusted you! You betrayed us!!”

“HYUKJAE!” Teukie slapped my face hard.

My face was red and wet. But I fell into complete silent. Never in my 25 years of knowing him, he ever slapped my face. I was breathing heavily and staring sternly at Teukie.

“I know,” Hannie answered quietly, “I’m sorry, Hyukjae,”

“Hyukjae, listen,” Teukie trying to get my attention as I stiffened up at Hannie’s apology, Teukie cupped my checks and forced me to face him. “He was just trying to protected you,”

“You knew,” I accusingly said to Teukie.

“Yes, Hyukjae, listen…,”

“You knew from the start!”

“You need to listen to me…,”

“You betrayed me!”

“Hyukjae, calm down first…”

“You betrayed Hyoyeon!”

“I’m not betraying anybody. Not Hyoyeon, not you. Now you listen to me!” Teukie slapped me again. I started to get dizzy from the impact.

“We all love you,” Teukie said honestly, “Hankyung love you too, it’s all you have to put your faith in…”

I just cried silently. I had grown respect and brotherly love for Hannie. He was there when I was in the lowest point in my life, when I lost everything. He was always there to protect me.

I loved him too.

“I’m sorry, Hyukjae” Hannie repeated, “I’m your personal bodyguard,” He lost his voice in the way, “Right from the start,”

“You betrayed me…” I repeated weakly.

“Yes… I’m sorry…,” Hannie said quietly. He briefly eyed Heechul before walking out the room.

I shoved Teukie aside, stormed into my room and banged the door close. I needed time.

I knew I acted selfishly. But this all was too much for me. There were a few people in my life who I loved and was loved back. There were only few people in my life I trusted after what that old man did to Hyoyeon and me. I couldn’t bear to hear Teukie, Kangin and Hannie conspiring against me to do that old man’s will, even if it was to protect me.

I felt like I now understood what Teukie meant. I was, all this time, under that old man’s protection. So no one dared to harm me.

So that was why Hannie told me not to run away from him.

So that was why Sora knew Hannie. Sora also knew. She knew Hannie was assigned to protect me.

Did my mom know too?

I was confused. I just kept on crying. I felt like my whole life went backward and things crushed against each other and shattered in pieces. I needed time.


Ime's Note: A Doctor?!! And what's with Sindong and Kangteuk past?! OMG...
Tags: for: vivalahyuk, genre: drama, genre: mafia!au, genre: romance, length: chaptered, pairing: hyukhae, rating: pg-13, title: petting a boy
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