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Petting a Boy Chapter 11

Title: Petting a Boy (Chapter 11)
Pairing: Hyukhae
Length: Chaptered
Genre: Mafia!AU, Drama, Romance
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2408
Extra infos: Top!Hyuk, Teenage!Donghae
Disclaimer: I hope they are mine.
Beta: na_jin_br 
Summary: Hyukjae was a 25 years old single 'free-lancer' that loved to play around with girl. Not until he met Donghae, a strange 16 years old boy that cross-dressed when he had saved him from his bullies friends. Maybe Hyukjae regretted his actions, because the boy suddenly invaded his life and free-loaded him. Until almost one year later, when suddenly one by one fishy events and problems started to happen. Leaded them to more lies. But more truths finally had been revealed.

It was the same morning again.

I groaned when I lifted myself up. My eyes were sore and my voice, hoarse.

I sat for a moment on my bed, still feeling dizzy and a bit lost. But the smell of breakfast distracted me. So I got out of my room to find Donghae’s back behind the counter. This was so familiar. Too familiar. As if we were replaying those peaceful moments.

Not until I heard some shit-blowing-sounds coming from the direction of the TV.

“Kyu, what are you doing?” I asked bewildered.

“Blowing zombies,” he mumbled an answer, eyes sleepy, focused on the TV, hands busy hitting buttons on the game controller.

“No, I mean, what the heck are you doing in the freaking morning in my apartment blowing things on video game?”

“Dude, I’m on duty alrite?” Kyu sighed heavily, turned off the game without saving it up first. “Get your coffee first before you talk to me,” and he scooted off to the bathroom.

“He was staying all night long,” Donghae told me quietly (I’m not sure why he was whispering) while put a cup of steaming coffee in the dining table for me. “Breakfast ready in seconds,” he added and turned to the counter again.

Okay. That was pretty normal. I scratched my head. Was I missing something? Because something was kinda off…

“Err… Why was he staying here anyway?” I asked, purely lost.

Donghae turned around to give me a look. “Leeteuk-hyung asked him to, to watch over Sungmin-sshi,”

And everything that happened yesterday flooded my brain again, including the emotions.

“Hyukjae-sshi? Are you alrite?” Donghae asked worriedly.

“What happeedn last night after I... um…” I stumbled on the words, but Donghae turned off the stove and sat across from me in the dining table.

“Leeteuk-hyung was talking to Hankyung-sshi,” Donghae said carefully, afraid it would result on an angry retort from me again, but I just stayed quiet, “They seemed to have, um… cleaned things off? Ryeowook-nim and Kibum were sent home. They will be just fine, Leeteuk-hyung told me. And uh… Hankyung-sshi got our hands clean from what happen with the Triad. It was all over the news… but we didn’t know what happened to Zhou Mi-sshi. Kyuhyun-sshi came around midnight and insisted on staying…” And he fell into silence.

Hm… so, to sum it up, I was being a douchebag last night; leaving all the responsibility to other hands when I pondered on my own misery all by myself. Great. Now I felt like a poo that had been stepped on by an unlucky bastard in the sidewalk.

Donghae still sat quietly, watching me. I eyed him back, pondering if I should ask him about some serious matter we left hung last night.

“I’ll check on Sungmin,” I said instead. Great. I would blame those doe eyes that were eyeing me eagerly. I hated kids!!!

Still with my coffee in hands, I went to Donghae’s room. The room was still dark since no one opened the curtains. So I reached for the curtains but someone shrieked when rays of light started to flood the room.

“Sungminie!” I was so surprised and worried, I loosened my grip on the coffee, which made it fall with a clank, “Are you alrite?”

“No~” he whined. He whined. “Hyukkie, leave the curtains closed! I look horrible~”

I wanted to smack his head. Unfortunately, he was hurt. So I got back to the curtains and opened it even if Sungmin squealed angrily.

“You need fresh air! Who cares if you look like a cheap bitch right now?”

When I turned around to look at Sungmin, he indeed looked horrible. His skin still was pale and he had this panda eyes. I kinda felt guilty. But I didn’t say anything and simply approaching the now noisy Sungmin.

He didn’t struggle when I checked on him. He actually was a pretty obedient kid. He just sat quietly when I changed his bandage. Until I said those words. “I’m sorry…”

He looked up from watching my hands doing the bandage and stared at me. “For what?”

“For getting you hurt…”

Sungmin smiled a little, “You silly! You should thank me instead you know?”

I blushed at what he said. It was true. But it was hard to utter the words when he stared at me with those eyes. Eh wae?

Sungmin touched my heated cheek gently, still with those panda eyes, but his gaze on mine was gentle and soft. I felt my cheek burning up even faster. He even smiled oh so softly. I wasn’t able to move. I wanted to retreat but he kept on with his stare and I just could’t help but to stare back.

This was so wrong.

“I just want to ask if you want… to have… your… breakfast…” Donghae suddenly popped out between the slightly open door, saying something but got speechless and left without saying anything. And my heart was pounding so fast it hurt.

I was about to act on impulse, to catch on Donghae, before I remembered I was in the middle of giving Sungmin treatment. So I finished my work without further talk and avoiding Sungmin eyes. It was so awkward. I didn’t even know why.

When I got back to the living room, Donghae also was avoiding my eyes. I was itching to tell Donghae that nothing happened, if that wasn’t for Kyuhyun who was slurping his porridge noisily by the dining table.


It was not like Donghae was jealous over me right? Of course not. Silly! Why should he even get jealous?

I pulled on my hair frustrated, groaned in desperation and left to the convenience store. I needed strawberry milk.

So I got some for myself in the nearest combini around. I got surprised to see Kangin-hyung in the cashier, sending zillion Watts of smiles to every customer he served.

“Hyung…,” I trailed off.

Kangin saw me then shouted, “Yah Jonghyun-ah! I’m gonna out for a moment!” and dragged me to the back of the store.

“I don’t want Teukie to see us…” he said as he looked around.

I was like ‘whut? whut? whut?’ he continued after making sure no one was around to eavesdrop us. “Yah, Hyukjae-yah! Why did you take that rat to your apartment? Why do you even know him?”

I frowned. I forgot about Shindong. There was something upsetting Kangteuk. “You mean Shindong?”

“Yes, him! Do you even know who he is?”

Now that he asked that question, I didn’t really know who Shindong was. We were merely friends because we were regular customers in that ramen shop and often had casual talk. Truthfully, I wondered why Shindong was there last night.

“Um… No?” I said unsurely, afraid of Kangin-hyung next reaction.

“NO?!” he grabbed my arm, unintentionally hurting me in the process and took me closer to him to whisper, “He was the one who wrote that article!” he gritted his teeth in hate, trying to control himself.

I was confused at first, but seeing glittering anger in his eyes, I widenned my eyes in realization.

That article.

The one which ignited the biggest controversy in the country and ruined Teukie’s and Kangin-hyung’s lives as Teukie-hyung got disowned by his father.

I couldn’t believe this.

“Did Teukie say something to you?” I shook my head. “Geezh, he refused to talk about this to me. He just keeps on saying things like ‘We should forgive’ and ‘It’s past’ and I don’t know, I think that guy brain-washed Teukie or something … You shouldn’t get too close to him, Hyuk, I mean you have a lot of secrets of your own. Okay, I know Hankyung was… wait, are you still mad at him? No? I know Hankyung was cleaning things off of our hands and I’m sure he made sure that that guy didn’t take anything out so we are safe for now, but who knows if he decided to do anything, rite? Are you listening to me?” I nodded hastily, “You get it don’t you? Get away from him.”

An angry sound was heard somewhere behind Kangin-hyung’s back and when he turned around to check, I could see an angry manager in the back door of the store, glaring and shouting at Kangin. “Shit! Should go! Don’t tell Teukie we talked about this okay? Here, strawberry milk for you!” and he hastily ran for his life.

I slumpped down on my back against the wall behind me and stared at the carton blankly. My thought was off. It was so screwed up I gave up on trying.

I decided to sip on my free strawberry milk as I went back to the apartment. I needed some fresh air and it was not wise to just stood in the same place for a long time, since I could have glimpses of some of the guys in black suit somewhere in the corner of my vision.

I sighed. I had to find a way to get rid of them. For now, I’d just let them follow me around.

I had to talk to Teukie and Sora soon. And Donghae too. That kid was dangerous. I never thought things would turn out this way when I picked him up.

I sighed again. I never really tried to find out why I picked him and allow him to freeload me. Maybe Teukie was right. I was in denial. I really was in denial.

I needed short things out one by one or it would grow out of control.

“Where are you going?” I asked Donghae, we walked on each other in the stair. He was wearing his school uniform, bag slung on his shoulder. “You aren’t going anywhere, Donghae!”

He frown, “Am I grounded again?”

“No, I just won’t let you out by yourself after what happened yesterday. So no more school.” His face fell low, “At least for now,” I quickly added, but he wasn’t delighted anyway.

“Go get change, I want to walk out with you,” at that Donghae’s head lift in light speed. He was between confused and happy. And he nodded happily before walking back to the apartment.

But I went to Teukie’s apartment instead.

“Hyung?” I called as I barged in without permission and found Teukie laying down on his bed, in a ball, hugging his knees. He never let his boyfriend see him like this. I approached him and hugged him tightly. He hugged me back and buried his face on my neck.

We didn’t talk. He didn’t want to. He never wanted to. Even when the article was spread in the whole country, and made his father, I mean ex-father, accuse him in front of all his family members, humiliated him even more as if he didn’t get enough humiliation from the article.

He was silently walking away from the house where he was raised, from the place where he was comfortable before.

I was never able to cure this wound of his, just as he was never able to cure my certain wound too.

“Did you meet Youngwoon?” His question came in a mumble as he still had his face buried in my neck.

“Hm…,” I said in reply.

“Don’t listen to whatever he said,” Teukie-hyung quickly said, as if he was there when Kangin-hyung talked to me and knew every detail of our little conversation.

“I don’t know hyung… Things happened quickly I don’t even know how to react.”

“Then don’t do anything,”

A long silent, before Teukie spoke again, “Talk to Donghae. You both deserve some truth from each other.” and he pulled off from my embrace, wiping off an imaginary tear. “I’ll look over Sungmin.”

So I got up and left him alone to curl up into a ball again.

He needed time.

Like how I needed last night, the only difference was he put others before him. He took care of others first before taking care of himself.

Great. It felt like the poo was stepped on by more bastards now, leaving it shapeless in the sidewalk.

I let out more sighs as I closed the front door of my apartment shut.

“You keep on sighing like a grandpa,” Kyuhyun remarked, he had just gotten out from the bathroom.

“Kyu…,” I trailed off.

Kyuhyun spared me a glare and eyed me annoyingly, “What?”

“Can we talk?”

“Did you have your coffee yet?”

Kyuhyun didn’t like confrontation, I know, but his attitude was getting on my nerves. “How did you know I am a doctor?”

“It was plastered on your wide forehead,” He smirked, I rolled my eyes. “I checked on you,”


“I checked on you,” He repeated.

“Does that mean…”

“Yeah, I know everything,” he said seriously.

It was creepy sometimes to know that Kyuhyun was able get his hand on everything if he wanted to.

Slowly, Kyuhyun’s expression softened, “I’m sorry…” he almost whispered.

But this only raised a hidden anger that already was in my chest. “Why would you check on my background?”

Kyuhyun became serious, “I’m sorry… I do that to all the people I work with… I did not intend to… offend you or… make you hurt…”

My glare softened to a gaze as I saw how Kyuhyun’s changed too. He knew what I’ve been going through… he knew it all… was that pity in his eyes?

I couldn’t look away from his gaze as if he trapped me. And suddenly a soft smile graced his face. That shocked me because I never knew he could smile like that. So lovingly and gentle.

No, wait, what was I thinking? I was clearly just imagining things, right?

But, wait… what was Kyuhyun doing?!

His hand reached for a stray bang, he shove it aside then he placed it on the side of my head. His hand radiating heat and it was hot in my skin. I could felt the raising blush in my cheeks.

I shoved the hand away and left him alone in the corridor.

God! What happen to everybody?!

My face probably was still burning red when I entered the living room, because Donghae asked with a frown, “Hyukjae-sshi, are you alright?”

“Yeah, let’s go!” I said, lowering my head embarrassed.

When I turned back to the front door, and walked on Kyuhyun again, I just muttered, “Please watch over Sungmin,” without looking up.

Ime's Note: IKR? it didnt make sense!
You know, it's been more than 1 year since i started this series. this was originally i dedicated for vivalahyuk  bday last year but it's already her bday again today and i havent finish this... what more tragic is that she didnt even read this fic XDD
thinking back now i'm really grateful that i still have you stick with me this far... *bow* very kamsha.. i cant thanks you enough.. seriously...
happy bday too to dizzchan  :) wish you a very happy bday!
Tags: for: vivalahyuk, genre: drama, genre: mafia!au, genre: romance, length: chaptered, pairing: hyukhae, rating: pg-13, title: petting a boy
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