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Petting a Boy - Chapter 12

Title: Petting a Boy (Chapter 12)
Pairing: Hyukhae
Length: Chaptered
Genre: Mafia!AU, Drama, Romance
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2705
Extra infos: Top!Hyuk, Teenage!Donghae
Disclaimer: I hope they are mine.
Summary: Hyukjae was a 25 years old single 'free-lancer' that loved to play around with girl. Not until he met Donghae, a strange 16 years old boy that cross-dressed when he had saved him from his bullies friends. Maybe Hyukjae regretted his actions, because the boy suddenly invaded his life and free-loaded him. Until almost one year later, when suddenly one by one fishy events and problems started to happen. Leaded them to more lies. But more truths finally had been revealed.

“Where are we going?”

“Huh? What?”

“Where are we going?” Donghae repeated, looked concerned about my lack of attention.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I’m spazzing,” I said, too much things in my head, “Let’s go get some ice cream first…”

His face brightened in bullet fast. “Ice cream?” he squealed like a kid. Wait, he IS a kid.

I smiled at his behavior. He looked so happy and just with the thought can calm my heavy chest and busy thought.

I grabbed his arm, pull him closer. The sidewalk was busy with people pacing back and forth. I can’t let him out of my side after what happen yesterday. Beside, the guys in black suit were still following around.

Well, even if they were here to protect me, I just can’t trust them.

I tighten my grip when a big bunch of tourist in similar orange t-shirts passed by. I looked down to him when I felt him stiffened. He was blushing madly. That was when I realized than my hand fond its way downward and our hands entwined.

I immediately let it go, feeling blush creeping up my own cheeks.

I cleared my throat, and trying to find a word to say, “So, ahem, um…so, how was your friend, Kimbum and your teacher, Ryeowook-sshi?”

Donghae looked up at me with puzzled face, “Kimbum?”

I nodded, “Your friend,”

“You mean Kim Kibum?”

“Kim Kimbum?”

“It’s Kibum,” he almost laughed but trying his best to hold it.

“Okay, whatever-bum,” I said, annoyed.

“How could you remember different kind of hard-to-spell-meds yet you can’t remember one simple name, Hyukjae-sshi?” He said, smiling even wider.

“Because I hate kid,” I mumbled under my breath.

“You hate me then?”

“Yes, of course, didn’t you know from the start?” but when I saw his face fell, I kinda regretted what I just said.

“But you said you didn’t hate me,” he pouted.

“Di-di-did I, really?” HOMGAWD don’t say that he remembered that.

He smile mischievously, “No, I don’t remember that night when someone tug me to sleep and wake up with fever the next morning,”

OHNO! I was flailing madly inside, beyond embarrassed. I think I’ll never be able to look him in the eyes after this.

“It must be just a dream. Weird dream. Trust me!”

Donghae’s smile widen at my lame defend. He took my hand on his and dragged me to the nearest ice cream shop, “Come on! You should treat me double serves!”

I looked down the whole time he ordered his ice cream, to our entwined hands. He didn’t bother to let me go. But it’s kinda… kinda… n-ni… ce… I think…

No! It’s because the weather! Even if the sun shines brightly, the wind brought a chilly winter winds. And it’s windy today! So I appreciated all form of warmness alrite? And his hand on mine is warm. Spreading slowly to my whole body.

We were walking aimlessly after we get the ice cream. Mine wasn’t touched at all. Donghae was cheerful today. He talked more than usual. We were walking hand in hand, like a father and his son, walking down the sidewalk to the far end.

Slowly, I was getting used to his hand on mine and tighten my hold on him. He was talking when he suddenly looking up at me, a bit shocked at what I did. I refused to look at him. “Here, have more,” I said, shoving my ice cream. He was dumbfounded. He took the ice cream with wide eyes. But he quickly turned bright red with more blushes that he didn’t bother to hide. He was so cute; I had the hard time to not look at him every now and then.

I think… this is… kinda… kinda… nice… I guess…

I forgot what we were walking out for as we talk randomly, wait, he was talking and I was listening, and sat down in the park bench, watching ducks on pond. Not until Donghae figured that there’s this carnival in the other side of the park.

He forced me to go. I reluctantly agreed, because I didn’t really fond of crowded place just after what happens yesterday. At first I let him dragged me around the carnival and wait for him when he was riding a ride.

He was smiling ear to ear when he passed by me who stood watching him in the side when he ride a carousel. He didn’t even bother to the fact that the other riders of the ride were actually kindergarteners.

But in the end he able to dragged me along to other rides. He pushed me in to the cramped giant cup. My foot was in weird angle when the rides started to spin in crazy speed and my foot turned to jelly once the rides over.

Donghae whined when I didn’t allow him to ride this alien spaceship. He didn’t care when I reason out that the spaceship is hell too small for adults or when I said that I get an angry glare from the employee who was assigned to watch the damn ride.

I reluctant to get in when I faced the cramped small space in front of me but the hands in my back persistently pushed me forward and I don’t have any choice than get in.

It was the same as other rides. My feet folded in the weird way ever. I’m sure they will be death once the ride finished. When Donghae pushed him self inside and bang shut the door close, it even worst. He wasn’t adult but isn’t a kid him self. And the ride was for kids so the spaceship was actually just big enough for two kids.

The cold plastic fiber wall was pressed against my neck as I can’t straighten my self because the roof was too low. On the other side of me was Donghae who had same position. We were pressed to each other in the small space.

“Donghae, are you sure we can ride this?” I asked but he just gave me a grin before he inserted the coins and the ride started to move. It was even worse. The scene in front of us was flicked alive and started to show space scenery when the ride move in synchronization. And my neck was stretched beyond worse.

When it supposed to fun and romantic as we were practically stick too close to each other, I was actually just scream on the whole ride because my body was tortured in the craziest way possible. When the ride was over, not only my feet that hurt, my neck and my left body also scream in aches.

Donghae seems felt guilty when he saw my condition. He decided it time to stop. I was beyond grateful at his decision and dragged him away from the carnival before he saw any rides that can make him change his decision.

“Hyukjae-sshi…” Oh no~

“What?” I snapped at him, afraid if he will force me to ride ridiculous rides again.

“I want that…” He pointed his finger to a Nemo plushie in the stand. It was actually a prize for the shoot play.

I agreed to get him the plushie (blame the puppy eyes he give me) but regretted my decision not long after. The plushie was the top prize. I had to knock down at least 10 out of 12 plastic ducks which move fast in a bar.

I practically spent almost all of my money before I successes. But the face Donghae made when I handed the plushie was worth all the effort. Damn this boy can made me do all the things that was impossible for me to do before.

After Donghae got a cotton candy, we decided to have lunch in the ramen shop because I didn’t have much more money left.

We walk back in the pedestrian to reach the ramen shop, walking hand in hand like before. I hold the damn plushie for him because he was too busy with the candy.

He seems happy and its makes me happy too.

However all the sweet thought was pushed out of my mind once we entered the ramen shop. Guess who we saw there?

“Shindong!” I called him. We really need to talk. But I was contemplating because I was with Donghae and I didn’t really sure if he had to know about this matter or not. It’s not his business after all. But I can’t let him to away from me.

“Hyukjae-sshi,” he said seemly surprise. But what I noticed is that he used that suffix.

I just stood in the entrance, battling on what to do. The shop was not particularly full, but there were a lot of suspicious people.

I told Donghae to take a seat at the bar counter so he could have the owner shop as a company for a while. I sat down on a table not far from where Donghae is and tell Shindong to do the same.

“Tell me, why shouldn’t I strangle you to death right now?” I said, not minding my tone at all.

“You need some words from me first?”

“You know, I don’t really need your defend, I could careless,”

“I know… I just need you to hear me first… I don’t care what you would do to me after that…”

Shindong didn’t sound as desperate as I thought he would; compare to his sentence which so surrendering.

Still… I had knows him from countless talks we had and either he was pretending or not, I found my self trust a bit of him, so I nod and encourage him to continue.

“I… I’m not the one who wrote that article, Hyukjae,” He said immediately, it was in the very tip of his tongue and I can tell he wanted to say it to me since long time ago.

“But you apologize to Teukie-hyung last night…”

“I know. I was the one who emerged the issue in my company. I was reckless at that time. To overwhelmed when I got a photograph of your hyungs… yes that photograph was mine,” he said dejectedly, “I swear I didn’t expected it turn that way... I was just tailing your hyung for a bit information of his father back then but I happen to… you know… walk on them… and my instinct made me take the pictures of them…

“I should just deleted it or save it for my self but no, of course that issue will be a huge disaster of a politic affair and I was conscious about that… however… I’m also aware that someone life will be ruined once the news come out, so I didn’t really pass the new to my editor… it just because I was too excited about my discovery and I said too much… and lead someone to stole the pictures from me…

“I was so shock when the next day the news was out… I was worry over your hyung and the damage that might cause to him and his life… and I regret I even think about taking the picture…”

“Why should I believe you?”

Shindong looked up at me and simply said, “You don’t have to,”

I sighed. I started to feel that distant throb in my head. I was seriously gonna get major headache by the end of the day, “Why you tell this to me then?”

Shindong scratched his head, “Well, I feel like you need some explanation, even if you wouldn’t believe in it thou…”

I really didn’t know what to believe in this point. His explanation, sound more like an excuse, convincing enough but I just don’t want to act recklessly; I need to turn my guard high. “Why you approached me then? Why you bothered to befriend me all this time?”

Shindong apprehensively look down to a chopstick he’s been playing on his hand, “I’ve been tailing you…” he said almost inaudibly.

“You what?” my heart begin to beat faster at his statement.

“I’ve been following your activities… and your sister too…”

I was dumbfounded. I looked at him, feeling agitated. What was he said again?

“You stalk on me and my family?”

“Yes, but Hyukjae, I have reason for it.”

“You better have good ones, Shindong-sshi…” I gritted my teeth, felt like my patient running thin by the breath I let out.

“Media’s eyes are on you right now, Hyukjae. You might not believe me, but you can cross check it to know if I’m lying or not.”

“Isn’t that mean that you’re after my story then?”

“No, is not like that… you’re well protected not even a single paparazzi could get a picture of you. But they aren’t stop to trying. You know, your bodyguards just protected you from obvious violent harms, but there were a lot of flaws wide open especially when you’ve been work on the underworld.

Media know, they just couldn’t get enough evident to bring out the story. I’m not saying that I’m here to protect you or what… I just concern about you and your family, since… you know… your wife…”

“What Hyoyeon had to do with this?” I snapped at the mention of her.

Shindong fell silent again. He eyed me skeptically, not sure if he should continue.

“Are you write about her too?” I continued and immediately regretted it once I saw Shindong face fell dejectedly.

“No, it’s not me… but yes, I’ve also been tailing her… I happened to know what was actually happen Hyukjae-sshi…” he looked at me with so much resolution, as if he knew I would refuse to believe at whatever facts he’s about to throw at me.

“I know what happen,” I said coldly, “That old man kill her,”

Shindong shaked his head, so much emotion in his eyes I could even believe if it was true or I just imagined it. “No…” he said weakly. “The articles they were wrote was actually the truth.”

I can’t. I just can’t hear more of this, “Enough!”

He fell into another silent. The silent is barely bearable. There’re so much thought running in my head in such short amount of time.

“So… you’ve been explaining about why you stalked my family… tell me more…” I said finally. “Convince me that you have no bad intention then!”

“Like I said… it only needed one evident before the story printed on morning newspaper. I was making sure that you, your sister and your dear mother was safe. ‘Why?’ you would ask, of course. Let’s say that this is one of my efforts to atone my sin to Park Jungsoo-sshi. Because I know, aside from his mom and his boyfriend, he treasured you the most.”


I was startled at the sudden exclaimed coming from the shop entrance. I could hear Donghae squeaked. I turned around to meet the exclaimer.

A guy, not older than Teukie-hyung had both of his hand on his side like how a mother scolded her child. He looked fine with the formal attire.

He made a quick shift to Donghae and hover him like an angry bird, “What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to attend school?”

Donghae squeaked in fear.

I was in my feet; automatically scoot over to the two of them. I quickly stood between them. “I’m sorry, who are you?” I can feel Donghae clutching my shirt, hiding, and whispered “He’s my head master,” barely audible.

“I’m his head master,” said the guy, “And who you might be?”

I suddenly got nervous at the introduction. Should I tell him I’m Donghae’s guardian? Then what if he asked why I let Donghae skipped school?

“I’m…” I trailed off.

“His boyfriend?” the guy cut off. I can feel Donghae clutching harder, as my heart beat faster too at his sudden accuse.

“Ah… n-no… I’m… Lee Hyukjae…”

“Oh! His cousin?” He exclaimed, animatedly hit his palm with his fist. “Are you his guardian? Why are you letting him skipped classes?”

See what I mean?

“Look…” wait what his name again? Ah... Kim Jongwoon isn’t it? “Jongwoon-sshi…”

“Call me Yesung!”

“Okay, Yesung-sshi… I’m sorry, I didn’t let Donghae go to school today because…” I trailed off.

Yesung-sshi waited expectantly, “Because?”

“Because… family matter… yes family matter,”

“Oh I see…” he said thoughtfully, “I just wondering why Ryeowook-sshi didn’t tell me about this, weren’t he was meeting you yesterday?”

I eyed Donghae, because I have no idea either. I didn’t know about the other well being since last night.

“What are you doing here anyway?” I asked, quickly change the topic.

“I’m meeting friend… Oh! Shindong-ah!”

“You two know each other?” I asked, baffled.

“Well, yeah, I’ve saved his ass several times before,”

Shindong abashed, “He’s been my confidant for so long, you know, in case I’m crossing the line…”

“I happen to know a little bit about laws…”

“You see, Hyukjae-sshi, I’m still have limits and trying to not cross it, so I really hope you to understand my situation…”

“Your situation is rather weird… I think you can choose to not involved in my problems from the start,”

“I know… I can’t help it after I witnessed…” he hesitated, “your wife…”

I’m aware that Donghae and his head master were listening, so I choose to drop the topic there.

I thought we can put up with empty stomach for a little longer. I urge Donghae to go after brief goodbye to the two friends.

“See you later!” Yesung-sshi waved excitedly.

Right when I’m about to closed the door behind me, I caught Yesung sentence to Shindong, “Is he that Lee Hyukjae? The one you have been stalking? It’s weird… if he’s Donghae’s cousin then what are Donghae doing in my school?”

I stopped short just so I could listen to it. Donghae eyed me worry.

It’s bad thing that Yesung know about my family. It just a matter of time before he know that Donghae have been submitting false documents. Wait… Wasn’t Shindong supposed to know about Donghae too? I mean, he’s been stalking me so he had to check on Donghae right? News people’s connection is wider than what Kyuhyun had.

I’m not sure Shindong think of Donghae like other do, I mean as my boyfriend or what… it’s my change to know everything right here right now without further lies… if I turned around and asked Shindong to speak.

A hand found its way to mine, entwined them and squeezed gently. I looked down at it, woken up from my reverie. “Are you okay?” Donghae asked in concern.

I stared at him for a few good while. Even if he’s bee lying all this time but when he’s staying with me, he’s been a good kid. I rather believe that the treat is not him but the people he was running away from.

He squeezed tighter. His hand was warm in mine. I sighed. I hope my decision to trust him wasn’t failed me.

“Let’s get back home,”

Ime’s note: disappointed? Sorry I have no idea this would be this long… but half of the next chapter is done and guess what? Donghae’s confession!! *throw confetti*
I had hard time writing in first point of view since it’s only revolved on Hyukjae’s thought so it’s hard for me to voice out the things that Hyukjae had not suppose to know but essential for reader… as for why Kyumin act like that around him?
I think I’m too blunt about Kyumin, but well, the strong impulse after dangerous situation is strong enough to initiate them to show how they feel… or it just how I think...
I need someone to explained it to Hyukjae so I can also explained it to you
And I'm sorry for fail fluff… I can bear with fail smut but OMG did I ever tell you how fail I at fluff? *smacked my self*
And I steal the ‘alien space ship ride’ idea from one of my favorite’s writer’s fic: Rocket's Theme
Thank you for bear with me all this while… *sobs*
Tags: for: vivalahyuk, genre: drama, genre: mafia!au, genre: romance, length: chaptered, pairing: hyukhae, rating: pg-13, title: petting a boy
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