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Rainbow Mist, Donghae-centric, PG, One-shot

Genre: Angst, Drama, Slice of Life
Word Count: 5872
Disclaimer: Donghae belong to him self. This is a fictional piece of work, no harm intended, no profit gained. This fiction is mine. Don't steal. Stealing is not nice.
Summary: You can fly to the sun, but if you fly too close, it would burn you.
Ime's Note: This is chapter 12.5 of Petting a Boy. I kinda tired of first point of view with past tense, so I used third POV and present tense for this piece.
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Donghae’s waiting eagerly in front of a class’s door. He holds tightly on both of his red leather back pack strips. He almost jumps in excitement when he spots a figure of a girl walking out in the crowd of her classmates.

"Sooyoung! Oppa is here!" He waves to get the girl attention.

She runs to him as fast as her tiny legs allow her. They walk back home together, usually hand in hand if Sooyoung feels like it, but today the little girl felt adventurous and skipping in the low brick wall.

"Be careful!" Donghae doesn’t avert his gaze from her. She’s his responsibility. He had to make sure she comes back home in one piece.

Sooyoung doesn’t seems to pay attention to Donghae, she’s rambling about how a boy from her class ruined her paint, about how she found out a simpler way to fold a paper plane, about her wrote the first letter ever: an ‘O’, about how many flower she draws, and a butterfly in it and her favorite’s about the cupcake, rainbow cupcake as she called it.

“I love ‘em! Hope aunty could make me more and more…” she says, spreading her tiny arms to emphasis how more she means.

“Did you have homework? Want Oppa to help?”

Sooyoung shakes her head. Her ponytail flapping behind her, loosen than when it was at morning as Donghae perfected the tied for her. “Mrs. Hyun said that I can draw more or write a page full of an ‘O’ if I want,”

“What did you say?”

“I said I’ll write more than one page! Because an ‘O’ is easy!”

Donghae chuckles, “Did she ask you to practice the alphabet?”

She pouts, “I’ll!”

“Let’s me hear it,” Donghae prompts. She draws a long breath before starts singing the Alphabet slowly as she takes the time to remember what come next after a ‘G’. Half way Donghae helps her with singing along. And the rest of the walk, they sing to three different more songs.

Donghae loves his life, even if he spent it all in the children facility center: an orphanage. The building is exact housing like other houses in the neighborhood. It’s old, with vines all over the fences and brick wall. It was beautiful and fascinating mansion once, but despite the weather and time beaten out its gorgeousness, its still feels like home for Donghae. It is Donghae’s only place to going back and the only place he can call home. And he shares it with a lot more other children.

The name of the place is Arcs in The Sky. One of the social worker, Ms. Han, the one in charge with the older kids, once said that the name isn’t makes sense for an orphanage. And she isn’t the only one that thinks that way, because long before Ms. Han work here, they already call the house by ‘House of Rainbow’, because arcs in the sky is literally rainbow.

Donghae thinks might be it also one of the reasons why Sooyoung called his mom’s cupcake’s rainbow cupcake.

“Donghae, Gyujin broke his books shelf again, can you see if you can fix it?” Ms. Han ask the moment he enters the house from the kitchen door. Donghae’s one of the oldest in the house, that’s why he assigned to a lot of brat-sitting and often thing-fixing.

“It’s over-fixed Ms. Han; I done fixed it for the 16th times already. It’s old and you might be should buy him the new one?”

Donghae was only fourteen but he forced to grown up early. He’s already taking care of half of the ladies in the house. Fixing their dolls or pony tails, helping with homework or when they short one person to play tea time together.

“I know, you’re right, Hae, but we don’t have enough money for new furniture this month,” she looks sad. Donghae really think why she always make things look miserable, when money is typical problem for a facility like this, but he know that she’s just being her self, over sensitive and too nice for her own good, “Why don’t you just check if you can help him manage his books somewhere safe for the time being?”

“Okay, I’ll just put my bag first,”

“That’s great,” she smiles, looks really fond of Donghae.

“Ms. Han?” Donghae says, before she can get back to what she was doing, “Where’s my mom?”

“She said, she’ll come over around dinner,” she smiles and bangs on her dough.

One thing that made Donghae’s satisfied with life is that he has his mom. He doesn’t know his dad, but even thought his mom dropped him in an orphanage, she never miss a day without visiting him. The House of Rainbow practically her second home since she spent almost all of her free time here.

He once asked why. Why would she made Donghae live in an orphanage when she have a place to live and they can share it. “You need better environment to grown up on,” she answered. Donghae didn’t understand it at first. He was six when he asked the question. But grown up watching how his mom aging fast with this same tired expression and bangs under her eyes, Donghae might be get it a little.

So Donghae takes the stair to the third floor to his room in the attic. One more cool thing to be the oldest is that he can have his own room, while the other have to share. It’s small room and barely can be called a room, but it’s the best he can get and he’s grateful for that.

Donghae pulls out a box from under his bed and heads for Gyujin room. The younger’s already arranging his books on the floor when Donghae arrived. The book shelf’s filed in the corner. “It’s a hopeless case,” Gyujin says, when he sees Donghae enters, pointing at the book shelf.

“Yeah, I know,” Donghae grins and holds up the box he bought, “I thought you might be wanted a replacement?”

Gyujin looks at him grateful, “And I thought I have to give up my books being stomped over by the fleet, thank you, hyung,”

“Don’t mention it,” Donghae grins wider. Its warm his heart to know he done something meaning for other, even if it’s small and insignificant, but to love and beloved back is something not much people can experienced. Donghae might be got it a little more, the reason why his mom give him up to the orphanage.

Taking care of other makes Donghae aware of the feeling of care and longing for it too. Since he mostly the one who done it for the younger, the only source for care is his mother.

So that’s why Donghae’s always waiting on the swing everyday, patiently wait for his mom to arrive, patiently waits for his mom to tells him stories, to tells him to be a good boy, to pats him in the head and kisses him in the forehead.

There’re only the two of them. His mom is the only one he has and he’s the only one his mom has. Despite his happy life in the orphanage and no matter how much his mom told him that he has the entire house love him, he believes that it’s only his mom who will always love him till the very end and he’ll loves his mom as much.

The sun almost sets when finally the fence’s door opens with creepy sound. His mom is there, smiling at him sweetly.

She wears the same old coat that she wraps tightly around her fragile body. She’s beautiful with make up on and high heel. She swings her little bag when he walks over to the swing just beside him.

“Hey, fella!” she says with big smile, sitting on the swing that move a bit on her weight.

“Hey, mom! I’m waiting for you,” Donghae says, even if it obvious already, but he likes to say it just to remind his mom that he always waiting for her. She gives him a small smile before asking Donghae how was his day. They talk and Donghae proudly shows her his math’s test result. He had worked extra hard just so he can shows his mom the impressive score, and to see the proud flickers in her eyes worth all his effort.

“Hae, I have to go, need to be on other place,” she says, not really wants to do what she said.

“Just a little longer, mom, can I?” Donghae asks hopefully, but sees his mom shakes her head.

“I really have to go,” she get up to her feet, “I’ll see you tomorrow okay? I’ll make you breakfast,” and she gone after planted soft kiss on his forehead.

“Where’s aunty?” Sooyoung asks as he gets in the kitchen where everybody gathered for dinner.

“She’s leaving, but she promises to make us breakfast tomorrow,” Donghae bend over so he eyes level with her.

“She’ll make us the cupcakes?” she asks hopeful.

Donghae’s lips form a smile, “Yes, she will,”

And Donghae have no doubt about his mother. He knows he will see her tomorrow when he opens his eyes again. He lays on his bed and about to closes his eyes when a book, an album to be exact, catches his attention.

After second thought he fetches it and lay back to his bed. Propping his back to the bead head, he browses the album right from the first page. It’s been a while since he’s been doing this. The first photograph is his mom and a baby, him. She held him close to her chest while she lay in a bed. Face full of happiness.

Donghae puts especially long stare at her expression. He forgets that his mom can smile that wide and genuine. He wonders why he hadn’t notice before. As he flips the pages, he realize that his mom’s smile wear off bit by bit. The happiness’s still seems genuine, but there’s a lot of burden there.

He gets to a photo when he was five and attended his first kindergarten class. He dressed in kindergarten uniform, bright yellow with round hat. He clenched his mom’s hand tightly, nervous for his first class. His mom held him tight and smile brightly to the camera. She looked beautiful and stress free.

Donghae takes the photo out of the album and place it on the night stand. He’ll frame it later. He decides to quit thinking about something that not there. He knows his mom is happy then or now. And it’s enough for him. He sleeps in ease.

He also wakes in ease. A smells of delicious baked sweet smeared all around the house once he opens his eyes. He jumps out of his bed and run down the corridor to the kitchen. He knows he shouldn’t put bad example to the younger, but he can’t help it.

He found his mom covered in flour in the kitchen, with Mrs. Park, preparing breakfast so early in the morning. His mom’s laughing over something Mrs. Park said.

“Morning, Hae,” its Mrs. Park who spot him first, “Help the girls get ready, we almost finish with the dishes,”

He steals a glance at his mom who smiles sweetly at him and gives him a small nod. Donghae nods back and run down the corridor to wakes the other.


His mom has been baking the cupcakes ever since the first morning Donghae had been there, packs it for the lunch or for special occasion. She’s so much feels like she’s belong here, with them, even if sometime Donghae wish there’re only the two of them.

But, honestly, Donghae always consider it, the life that only consists of him, his mom and happiness. He’d been upset when he was just a kid, can’t accept the confusing concept his mom offer. But as he’s growing up, he slowly understand it. No, more likely compromising.

“Mom, I’ve been thinking,” He says one morning, before his mom sends him off to school. His mom looks up expectantly, “Y’know, I want to take an acceleration class so I can graduate faster, that way I can help you out with the money,” He sees how his mom’s eyes widen by surprise but then watering slowly. Donghae continue his speech a little breathless, “So we can live together… Just the two of us…”

She hugs him so tight as if there’s no tomorrow. Donghae hugs back just as strongly, he’s overwhelmed by his mother’s emotion.

“I’m sorry to put you on this,” She sobs, damping Donghae’s favorite hoodie. “I’m so proud of you, Y’know that right, baby? I love you more than anything else,”

“I love you too mom, we can through this together!”

She pulls off and looks at Donghae eyes, “No, baby, it’s alright. Do whatever that makes you happy! Don’t be obligated by it. I had found a way for us. We can life together soon, just the two of us!”

There come strong feelings that rushes down his chest. He’s too overwhelmed to short them out. He feels so light, swelling by something that fills his chest it almost blows up. His eyes are sting by tears that about to fall. He bit his lips just so he can hold his cry. He’ll be shaking uncontrollably if his mom doesn’t hold him still. “Really?”

She nods tears already freely down her cheeks, “Yeah, so stop act all so grown up. I want my baby Hae back!”

They hold and cry on each other for some more moment that morning, before they remember Donghae had to go to school.

He’s going to school with puffy and red eyes but wide smile in his face. From that moment on, Donghae feels like he has something to depend on. He always wakes up in the morning to the thought of them live happily together. He’s waiting eagerly to his mom’s word to be real.

He closes his eyes and smiles. It’s no longer a dream. It’s hope. It’s less abstract than a rainbow in the sky which you can only stare at and awed by its brilliant color but will never be able to touch it however you want it. It’s more like his mom’s rainbow cupcake. It’s smell sweet and delicious. As you put you eyes on it, it’s look beautiful. As you lips closes on it, its taste heaven.

He is a step away from it. So close…

One day, his mom comes from behind the broken fence with the brightest smile he ever sees. His heart skips a beat and thrilled shaken his body.

“Baby…,” She starts, barely able to hold her tears, “We found a way out!”

“What do you mean mom?” Donghae’s trying to not too bouncing on his heels.

“My saving isn’t enough for a new live, but I got this… project that can cover most of it. Baby… we can have a new beginning…” She cries silently, giving up on holding her happiness and hugs he son tightly around her arms, “We’ll have a tiny house with swing on its back yard… Donghae! With white fence and you can have a dog!” she pulls away and gives him a shaky smile before broke into tears again.

Donghae is already had wet nose and cheeks. He cries so hard his eyes sore for the rest of the day. He’s still feeling like swimming in a cloud not really believing that this is real. He laughs as he cries in his mom’s arms. He feels the sudden burst of happiness deactivated all of his senses. So he just let him self cries until he falls asleep right then right there, bringing his happiness along to the dreamland.

He found him self waking up on his own bed room. Sunlight is filtered through the blind, so soft and sincere. Donghae take time for him self, to take a deep breath and thought. It’s so blissful just laying there and knew he’ll get what he wanted the most his entire life.

He tries to differentiate the reality and the dream he just had. But after a while he finally gets up and walks in light steps to the kitchen. Most of the residence already up and lined up in the dinning table and bar stools by the counter.

Donghae smiles at the view, he’ll definitely miss the moments like this. He’ll miss this orphanage and it saddened him a bit. How he’d been attached deeply by his other family, his dongsaengs that he loved so much.

“Good morning Hae,” Ms. Han greets. She’s exuberating for some reason.

“Good morning, Ms. Han,” Donghae already had permanent smile on his face.

The girls squeak as they notice Donghae presence and starts to greeting him noisily. Donghae laughs. Dinning in the orphanage is really chaotic. He’ll surely, really, really miss this.

“Your mom asked me to prepare your papers,” Ms. Han smile softly, “You two will have a new start,” she said it less than a question and he can feel she happy for them. Donghae just nod and lets her continue, “So, then I need you in the office after school, okay?”

“Sure,” Donghae almost can’t hold back his happy grins. He let her hugs him so tight it almost choked him. When she pulls away, Donghae realized that she’s been crying secretly.

“God, I’ll miss you,” she says which cause the burn in the back of Donghae’s eyes.

Donghae knows the goodbyes will be hard. So he forced his optimistic self to take over for the rest of his stays in the House of Rainbow.

Apparently he needs more of his optimistic self for different reason.

It’s been two day after his papers ready, yet his mom hasn’t come to get him out of the House. In fact, the last time he saw her was the afternoon when she hold him when he cried him self to sleep.

And no news from her after that, no call, not even text. Donghae keeps waiting for her in the swing but she’s never come.

On the third day, Donghae refuses to get back inside and insist on staying until his mom come and takes him to their new home. He ignores the worry face Ms. Han had been wearing these past days, even if he knows he’s the one who cause it.

On the eight day, Donghae packed his belonging, face drenches from tears. He waits until all the residents gone to their bed before sneaking out of from the kitchen’s door.

The night is crisp, a hint of oncoming fall. Donghae’s walking down a street. Vaguely remember the way to his mom’s house, his old home.

The street is empty. The light pole’s flickering in the distant. Sky is clear and moon peeking from a little hanging cloud. The wind blows softly, moving the thin branches of dried trees, creating an eerie feeling that following all of his steps that echoes’ in the cold asphalt.

Donghae fasten his pace. Just one more turn and he’ll confront his mom, demanding for reason she leave him worried in the orphanage. And she’ll apologize and will promise to him to take him out the next day. It what Donghae thought would happen. But when he curves the road and face to face with the house, it’s dark.

Donghae crosses the front yard hurriedly. His heart jumps when he sees the front door open a little. He steels him self before pushes the door open. It’s squeaks creepily. Donghae slips through it and makes careful steps inside.

The house smells like dust and its air is stuffy, like something damp and rotting. Donghae’s stomach churns with worry as he walks father inside.

The house looks like it’s been empty for days. Every cheap furniture is in it place, covered by dust. But when Donghae check on the kitchen, it’s a mess.

The dining table was flipped and the chairs were scattered all over the floor. A bowl of dough is rotting in the floor with eggs and flour. The tap on the sink is slightly open and there’s a watermelon under it and the refrigerator is humming softly.

Donghae feels his knees trembling. He branches his self on the dusted counter and take a few deep breaths.

Something happened to his mom and he knows it’s nothing good. Not at all. And the worst of all is that he doesn’t know what to do. He wants to find his mom most of all, but he doesn’t know how could he finds her, where to search, where to look first.

The thought of calling the police occurred to him at first. But then they would call the House and Rainbow and he’ll be sent there. He probably couldn’t run off again. And they wouldn’t understand.

He’s not stupid. He knew, more or less, what his mom got her self into when she always come in the evening with that kind of attire. He knew what his mom wearing under the coat. He knew why she had all the time in the morning in the Monday and very busy on the week end. Once when he’s a little bit chubbier and stupid, people around him call him a bastard. He didn’t know what its mean back then, nor did he know what bitch mean.

Now that he understand them, he knew there is no way they would let him live with his mom if they know. They wouldn’t understand. He has to find his mom alone no matter what.

So he’s rummaging his mom’s coffee table, drawers, everywhere. He has to find clues, any clues, anything that can tell him to look first.

Some more minutes into his little raid, he collects a few business cards. Some belong to males and box half filled with his mom’s.

His mom’s mentioned a club in the district on the other side of the town, so there where he goes.

The district is less eerie than the empty street but lot more dangerous. Neon lights are flickering on the bars and motel headboards. Adultery displayed for public. Females with minimal fabric stood in the side, luring men and their money. Drunken thugs and suspicious fella are gathering around in the corner under the shadows.

Donghae knows he should goes at this hour, when the area is crowded the most. Prying eyes are following him as he makes his way down the street. Donghae also knows that he wouldn’t get a chance to ask around if he doesn’t goes at this kind of hour. He had to take the risk, for the sake of his mom.

He stands in front of the bar that had same name as the card he’s holding. He looks up and gulps.

Now, how he can get in?

Well, apparently it’s not what Donghae should worry about, as a bunch of thuds emerge from the club and spot Donghae standing on their way.

“What we have here?” one of them asks, half amuse half bewildered.

“What are you doing here, kiddo? You looking for your mama?” They joke. Donghae just stands stiff. He’s scared to death. This isn’t according to his plan… well, even there’s no plan from the beginning anyway, but he really doesn’t wish to face this kind of situation.

He should think about his well being first, Donghae knows it, but he just stubborn like that, found this as his chance to draw any information from them and ignoring the fact he might be found death in the morning.

“Yes, I’m looking for my mother,” He says, despite he’s trembling uncontrollably.

The thuds laughs again like lunatic. Donghae realize that they are drunk, some even already passed out on their friends shoulders. But after a few moments they stop laughing. “You looking for your mama? Who’s your mama?”

“Lee Jungeun,” Donghae retrieves a recent photo of his mother and gives it to one of them.

The man suddenly a lot sober as he looks at the piece of paper, “Oh, shit!” and draws attention from his friends.

“Kid, you better stay away from this place, I told you, far, far away and don’t look for your mother!”

Donghae surprise at the reactions he got, “Why? Do you know my mom? Do you know where she is now?”

“Man, I don’t want to get involved in this shit!” One of them says before hurriedly scooting away without further explanation and it seems it’s a clue for the rest to do the same.

The last man gives back the photo to Donghae before doing the same, saying that he’ll get into trouble and all, but Donghae would just let it go, not when he got a hint that they do knew his mother and what had happened to her.

“Do you know my mom?” He repeats, making extra effort at following the man. “Do you know where she is now?” but the man ignored him deliberately.

“Geezh, don’t follow me, shoo~! You can’t find your mom, don’t drag me into your trouble!”

“Please Mister! I know something wrong happens to her! We supposed to move in together! I want to know where she is! Please!” He insists, pushing his luck.

The man stops in his track, “Fuck you boy, don’t you know when to stop? Just leaves me alone!” he says and when he’s about to turns back, Donghae step forward and grab the other wrist. He’s about to beg when the man shoves him in reflect.

Donghae falls at the impact, scratching his arm that made contact with the asphalted ground. His t-shirt is torn, his skin is bleeding, he wants to cry but he should, so he doesn’t.

There’s a car approaching a lot not far from them and before Donghae knows it, they approaching them. Donghae is struggling to back on his feet when a deep voice asks, “What’s going on here?”

“Boss!” the man Donghae talked earlier squeaks. He looks up to his Boss with trepidation, and making gesture toward Donghae, “Jungeun’s boy…”

Different form the thuds reaction earlier, this man that they called Boss, doesn’t show much reaction. He just says, “I see…”

The man is still have defined muscular body despite of ashes hair that starts coloring his head, his suit is expensive and neat, his shoes is shiny, but he doesn’t smoke cigar or wearing the hat like the mafia guys Donghae saw on movies. He just looks like some business man.

“Well, what are you doing here, boy?” the man asks with much of composure, scrunching down in front of Donghae, where the boy still sat down on the hard ground.

“I’m looking for my mom,” Donghae is shaking, trying hard to remain calm but seemly not really work.

“Your mom is not here, boy. You’re looking at wrong place,” he says, but Donghae doesn’t buying it. He might just a kid, but he knows from the way the man answer, without even thinking first, that he lied. Donghae knows lies when he sees it.

Sooyoung always lies to him about who was the one eat the cake on the fridge. Gyujin always lies when he said to Donghae he doesn’t bother with the racked bookshelf. Seulgi always lies to him when he broke something. Gina always lies when she made her dongsaeng girls cried. So Donghae know that this man’s answer is a lie.

“No! This Mister knew where my mom is!” He points at the other man, “He just wouldn’t tell! I’m looking in the right place!” Donghae stubbornly says, even if he’s still shaking in fear.

The older man sighs, “Fine,” then he stands up, “Come one, let’s have dinner. You like ramen?”

Donghae is contemplating. He’s scared to just talk to the man, not mention to let him take him to unknown place. But he needs the information even if there’s no guarantee the man would tell Donghae everything once they had the freakin’ ramen.

“There’s ramen shop just in the corner,” the man says, knowing Donghae hesitation. “Don’t worry, I wouldn’t kill you,” he smiles a tiny smile.

Finally, Donghae stand up and following the man to the shop, remembering to keep distant from him, but he had some other guys following behind them.

The ramen shop is almost empty. The remaining costumer immediately leaves as they see who is coming through the wooden sliding door.

“Welcome!” but the owner welcome them cheerily as if there’s nothing wrong with a bunch of mafia walking in his shop and ruining his business. Donghae sat warily on the seat the older man points. His other guys seated around them and the owner starts to make ramens without order.

They just remained silent until the hot bowl of noodle served in front of them and puffing out a good smell. Shame, Donghae doesn’t have appetite to taste the food. However, the older male digs on his food and slurping without manner, enjoying the ramen the way it should have done.

“Try it. It’s the best around here!” The man says when he realizes that Donghae doesn’t touch his food. Donghae just shakes his head. He sighs again and then puts down his chopsticks, “You’re really is Jungeun’s son, eh? Aren’t she put you in an orphanage?”

Donghae nods again, not willing to contradict the statement. He’ll take anything this man would say.

“Well, I thought it’s a good decision. It’s better place for you, er…, what’s your name again?”


“Okay, Donghae, you see that yes I knew your mom. She’s a great woman in a wrong place. I know how much she loves you, and so seeing you here I can guess how much you love her too. I know, from what she says about you, that you’re a clever kids, well, I can see it, but then, aren’t you think it’s a good decision for your mom to drop you in an orphanage? Look around, this worlds is not the world you mom wanted you to live your life.”

“I just want to know where my mom is,” Donghae says softly, feeling a little dizzy at the long talk that half of it he doesn’t really understand.

“Well, yeah, I understand, Donghae, but there’re things you better not know. There’s reason for your mom to never introduce you with this world. There’s reason why she… disappeared,” Donghae about to say something but the man hurriedly cut him off, “There’s reason why we keep our silent. And just because I respect your mom once, I’ll kindly give you an advice, Donghae, leaves it alone. Consider your mom’s never existed and live your life in the orphanage. Be a scientist, be a doctor, be whatever you want, and don’t ever looking for your mom again.”

Donghae nearly cries. Isn’t it silly? Why this man telling him to considering his mom never existed in his life? Donghae loves his mom more than anything. He would do whatever it takes to get her back. He can’t imagine his live without her. “Why I couldn’t look for my own mother? She’s my mom! I had the right to know her well being!”

The older man seems to calculating. Donghae is wearing thin the man’s patient. “Look, boy, this is not your problem alone. I might have to kill you right here right now,”

“Kill me then!” Donghae challenge, tears running down his cheeks but he fight to stand on his feet.

But the man doesn’t buy his threat, he just remain calm on his seat, looking up to Donghae with his tired eyes. “And what? It’s not about how much you willing to sacrificed, boy. You can waste half of the city, but what impossible will remained impossible. You’ll never found you mom without danger me and my organization. And I’ll make sure my self that you come back to your orphanage and live your life ‘til you got your self a grandchild.”

Donghae clenches his fist and keep on crying. He faced a dead end and he doesn’t know what to do.

“I can waste your life if you wish for it, or you can have a new live, far from this world.” The man stands up and taking out a few notes from his wallet. “It’s not an offer, it’s a promise.”

And that’s it. That’s how far Donghae can go. But he sees what the other can’t see. He can live his life instead of wasting his life here on the other hand and he would have other chance to look for his mom again. It’s an option for him and it’s good enough for now.

It’s his only option and it’s what makes him life.

So, the man drives him home, to the orphanage. They drop him on the gate and leaves without further add.

Donghae stands in silent for a few moments. Just a few hours ago, he was determined to leave the place he considered home for many years. Now, he’s looking at the only place he could call home for the rest of his life. It’s not that he doesn’t love the place or the people on it. It pained him that his dream is burned to ashes just in a few hours. He had to accept the fact that now. He’s all alone in this world, without anyone to depend on.

He cries again silently as he looks at the weary building that fail to give him a warm feeling it had done all this year. He feels empty, as empty as so many dark windows on the house. He feels cold, as cold as the lazy wind that blowing softly. He feels lost even if the brick path to the front door spread beyond his eyes.

And then, a single light lights on at the front door of the old house and a single figure of a woman emerges out. “Donghae?” she says full of worry, but hopeful. “Is that you?”

Donghae cries harder.

That’s right. He still had people who care and love him unconditionally. He lets him self being hugged in the arms of Ms. Han. “I’m sorry,” Donghae chokes.

“It’s okay, sweetheart, it’s okay,” the only thing she offers him is always love. And it’s all Donghae need the most. It’s all he can take now. He wishes everything is going to be okay. He’ll find a way to find his mom. He had to know where she is, no matter what it takes, no matter how long it takes.

Donghae is on his limit. He can’t imagine his live being even worst. He thought this is the lowest point in his life. Apparently he was wrong.

It is not enough he had to lose his only parent. It is not enough he had to lose his biggest dream. It is not enough for him to suffer.

A few weeks to the future, there’s this old man in his wheelchair come in his room when he’s studying for his Korean’s test, saying that he’ll be living with him from this day on.

He is taken from the only place he can call home. Forever.

Ime’s Note: WAT?! Who is this old man in his wheelchair?! Where the heck Donghae’s mom disappear? Is she dead? Is she captivated some where? So then Donghae didn’t lie when he said he’s from orphanage?
I’m sorry for Donghae’s mom’s name. It just random name LOL and so the other child of the orphanage names (except for Sooyoung). And ah... Actually it's not Kim Jungeun, but well, it's okay if you want to making assumption LOL
I hope this can answer some of your questions about Donghae’s origin. And yeah, this intrigued even more questions LOL what should I say? I love mysteries *wink*
Thank you for reading and being with this story for all this long… LOVE YOU ALL!!!
- The picture of the cupcakes is not mine. I found it on the tumblr. i no remember where ="=
- The Arc in the Sky is direct English Translation for L’Arc~en~Ciel. What should I say? *shrug*
- The title ‘Rainbow Mist’ is taken from one of One Piece anime episodes on season 5 “Niji no Kanata e” or “The Rainbow Mist”
Tags: for: vivalahyuk, genre: drama, genre: mafia!au, genre: romance, length: chaptered, pairing: hyukhae, rating: pg-13, title: petting a boy, title: rainbow mist
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