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Petting a Boy - Chapter 2 [HyukHae Version] - Part 2

Petting a Boy - Chapter 2 [HyukHae Version] – Part 2


“Where are you going?” Donghae asked; look at me from top to toe with half mocking expression.

“Um, working?”

“It’s Saturday,”

“Yes, but I’m part-timer, remember?” I said in the-matter-of-fact tone.

“What kind of part-timer exactly that goes out at Saturday wearing formal suit?”

“Not like it your business,” I said, ignoring him and proceeded to front door. Putting my shoes on and eyeing him that just passed by me, “Where do you think you’re going?” I grabbed his hand hastily.

“Throwing the garbage,” he showed me a big black plastic bag.

“No,” I let go his hand and added, “Don’t forget that you are grounded!”

“Why should I listen to you?”

“Because I’m your guardian.”

“Who said that you’re my guardian?”

“Uh, let me think about it… YOU!”

“So you decide to actually take care of me?” he smiled oh-I’m-so-touch kind of smile and made me feel uneasy.

“No. I am just trying to make you not to give me more problems!” and Ah, I remembered something, “And don’t you know? Your headmaster called me yesterday,” I stopped to observe his reaction and when his face turned stiff, I added, “Do you have any idea why?”

“Um~ maybe a routine consultation?” he smiled stiffly.

I eyed him a moment, considering if it was worth to hear any of his lies before facing the truth next Monday, “I see,” I said and repeated, “routine consultation,” Let see, I smiled mischievously.

When I got up he quickly asked, “Can I go to the convenience store?”


“Then what we will eat for dinner?”

“Isn’t our food stock enough until next week?”

“Uh, I thought you eat it all,”

Fuck! Hyungs!

“Didn’t I tell you earlier there’re thieves around? Did you lock the food storages?”

He smiled shyly. “But there’s no connection between thieves and disappeared food. I still think you were the one who eat it all.”

“Then go next door! You will found our lost foods!” I could see confusion all over his face, “And I’m going to eat outside tonight!”

“Eh? What about me then?”

I snorted and left, but he chased me, “Can I go down stair?”


“I want to clean my new room, since it still feel like storage with all that broken things, and the E.N.T.I.R.E apartment,” he put a stress on certain word to make an effect and made me considering his request, “cause it’s been a while, you know? So I need to borrow a vacuum from landlady,”

“Go next door,” I said, ignoring him.

“But Jungsoo-sshi never clean his apartment so he definitely doesn’t have a vacuum,”

Alright, so I fell to his trap, cause I did consider it for a moment, imagining E.N.T.I.R.E apartment sparkling. “Alright, but don’t go outside the building!”

“So I just don’t have to go outside of the building?”

“You hear me.”

“Then please throw this away!” he said, holding the black plastic back forward to block my way.

“Yucks!!! You do it!”

“But you say I couldn’t go outside the building,” he put his puppy eyes, “You want to take your word off?”

“Give me that!” I snapped the plastic bag, “Brat!”

He gave me his victory smile when I glared at him coldly. I speeded up my pace, leaving him behind before he could humiliate me more.

“What happened?” was the first thing Hannie asked when I approached him in the alley to the back of one of Mr. Boss’ casino. Clearly noticed a frown in my face.

“Let’s go!” I ignored him.

“What happened?” he asked again, now with an amused tone.

“Do you know what kind of job Boss will give us?” I ignored him again.

“What happened?” he asked again, for his own amusement and started poking my side.

“Can you stop? Holy fuck! And don’t even ask!” I said, slapped him hard, but he laughed out loud instead.

“It’s that kid, isn’t it?”

I cursed him under my breath; fully ignored him until we get in Mr. Boss’ room.

“You’re late as always!” Mr. Boss greeted us.

“You want us on time?” I asked him coldly, with a little bit a hint of irritation in the tone, but like Hannie, he laughed out loud instead. I rolld my eyes.

“Of course no!”

After another round of laughter with Hannie, I asked him in full of irritations, “What do you want us to do? Hurry up and tell!”

“Geez, hyuk, this is why we love teasing you! By the way, yes, please tell us Boss!”

Mr. Boss was not a mafia. Well, he wanted to be one. Despite he was doing crime and all, he’s not in the mafia level yet. Mr. Boss owned a few club and casino, doing some bribery, fraud, illegal trade and robbing. But nothing involved something that again human’s right. He’s too kind-hearted to be some maff. And he had a lot of humor, despite his humor sense never matched mine.

“Ah, I need to make legal papers for this casino,” he said to me, “you know, from that rat, I mean Mr. City Major. I want you to take care of it and deal with the lowest you can get. Make sure he doesn’t squeeze out my money, that greedy rat.”

That’s why he asked me to wear formal suit! But why Hannie didn’t wear the same outfit as mine? “I will take care of the administrative but not the deal. Make the deal yourself, will you?”

“How, about this?” he held out a lot of amount of money and waved it in front of me.

“That’s not enough for both of us,” I said with as much as wit I dare.

“I’m not saying it’s for you guys. You do this alone, cause I want Hankyung does something else for me.”

Ah, so that’s why Hannie didn’t wear a suit. I considered it a moment but before I could say something Mr. Boss added, “Besides, this is just a down payment.”

I snapped the money from him, “Okay,” I quickly said.

“But I only give you your payment if and only if you get the good deal kid!”

“I get it Boss!” I said, this time with a respective tone.

“Now, off you go!” Mr. Boss hushed me off.

“See you later, Hyuk!” and Hannie said good bye when I reached the door and closed it behind.

It’s been a while since I was in the governmental building. Some of the worker escorted me to Major’s secretary and she asked me to wait at the waiting room outside the Major’s room. There was somebody have been waiting before me and to my surpise, I knew him.


Sungmin looked up from the magazine he was reading. “Hyukjae-sshi!”

“What are you doing in this town?” I approached him with a very warm welcome and we gave each other quick hug then I sat down beside him in the couch.

“Doing some business.” He answered shortly.

“Well, duh? I didn’t expect you to just hanging around in a Major office. Of course for business, but what? Mind to spill it out?”

He laughed whole-heartedly. “Well, Hyukjae-sshi I don’t mind you to know my business, but we both know what we are doing for life. You expect me to spill it out HERE?”

“Well, technically I’m here for papers. I’m not asking the detail you know?”

“Ah! Yes, yes, I’m sorry,” he smiled cheekily, “technically, I’m here for some short of contract, I guess, if you can consider it that way,”

For a while we exchanged news of each other and talked casually. I was quite good along being with him despite this was just our second meeting.

“We should hang around more, you know, why don’t we get some drink after this?”

Before he could answer my offer, the door to Major office opened and some peoples came out along with the Major himself. They looked like a bunch off businessman with tidy suits, well-built and scary faces. One of them, who was talking with Major took a glimpse of us by the corner of his eyes and he shifted his gaze to us while still talking to Major. He curled his lips into a smile, despite I didn’t know if he smiled to the conversation with Major, smiled to greet us, or smiled for something else. My job’s instinct said something wrong with it. They proceeded out from the room, apparently Mr. Major escorted them out by himself.

When we left alone, I looked to Sungmin just to meet his serious face. Before I could ask anything, he said, “Do you know who are they?”

“No.” I admitted.

“Well, they are the real thing of the rumor I’ve been spreading to you guys,”

My eyes widen, “So the rumor not just rumor after all,”

“Well, duh? I wouldn’t go as far as spreading the news to other associations if they are not high-likely true.”

The rumors. Have I tell you guys yet? Uh, well I don’t think so I guess. There are three kind of rules of the country. One is royal family a.k.a kingdom. Two is government. Guess what is the three? Aristocrat. While in the crime world, we can divide it into a few segment. One is Low associations. Two is Middle associations like one Mr. Boss role. Three is High associations like mafia. And four is something that just some people in the business know, Aristocrat mafia. Yes they were aristocrat and they were mafia.

This one, which Sungmin had said so was the rumor ‘number four’. They were not much aristocrat mafia around, and this one could considere one of them. They boss was super clean politician named Lee Songman that currently in parliament house. He had control to not only political issues but also law issues due to his status as head of one of the high respective ‘aristocrat’ family. But he did politic just to cover his other ‘business’. That ‘business’ was a high level business in crime, like mafia but with much more control in law, because duh, he’s the one who make the law.

Okay, so this SM clan was high-rated crime association that had nothing in concern with bunch of bug like us. But lately this clan crawled down to ground for unknown reasons and started to make a chaos in lower crime business. Like Sungmin said earlier, this really will threat us bad at the business.

“Oh, so they are from SM clan? What are they doing here?”

Before Sungmin could answer me (again!), Mr. Major came back.

“Ah,” he said when he saw us, apparently for the first time, “you’re still here?”

“Well of course, duh! What do you expect?” I said wittily, despite he was a Major of the city. Sungmin eyed me, horrified to what I had said.

The Major frowned and told both of us to come in to his office.

“Actually, we didn’t come together in same business, you know?” I said when Mr. Major sat on his chairman seat. He didn’t even bother to offer us seat.

“I know,” he said, started flipping his paper works. “I can tell you are one of his men. And I guess you come from…” he eyed Sungmin, “outside the town,” he finished with carefully-picked line and low voice.

“Yes,” Sungmin said. “Can we really do this here?”

The Major looked worry and stared at Sungmin for a few moments, “I thought so…but…” he now looked at the both of us, “I’m sorry but I can’t make any deal with you guys now.”

“WHAT?” Sungmin said in disbelief, “Why? Because of those guys?”

“You can’t do this dude, we have a deal earlier! You said you will help us with papers and don’t think to take it back or else…you know what the ‘else’!” I said, threated him.

“Okay! Now you!” he motioned to me, “I have to say things don’t same now, and I can’t help you if you don’t agree with this…” he scrambled amount of money in his paper and showed it to me.

“Holy crap! Are you losing you mind? It’s triple from the deal!”

“As you know, the risks are now triple as well!” he hissed then said under his breath, “now that Songman bastard decides to watch me under his eyes.”

I was so in the crap! I quickly dialed my phone to call Boss and excused myself to the corner of the room.

“And for you,” he looked at Sungmin, “I don’t think we can proceed with the plan.”

“Why? Is it Lee Songman-sshi?”

“Yes, he kind of…in the way!”

“That doesn’t mean you can take back the deal and cancel the contract! You know what will happen if you do,”

“I’m aware of that to, shit I got myself a lot of trouble. I just need the right time to sign the contract, I will get both of us in the deep trouble if you insist, not to mention your associations. Besides, the court won’t begin in 3 months.”

“Well, that is quite true. You mind to share the problem?”

“Isn’t it clear enough for you to see? Now please leave, I will contact you in days, hopefully,”

Sungmin shook his hand and went outside and waited in the waiting room.

“Please sir, I don’t have all my time for this!” the Major called me.

I’m in intents battle of wit with Boss. He refused to understand the situation and refused to give me my payment cause I didn’t do a good deal instead rise it triple. And the worst of all, he threated me to cut of all my payment from now on to payback this deal.

“No! If that the case, I will NOT do the deal! You do it yourself!”

“You already took the down payment, Hyukjae! That seal the contract between us, no turning back! Now hurry up and finish your business!” and with that Boss hang up.

“Are we in the business?” asked Mr. Major impatiently.

A few minutes later I came out the room in the worst mood in the weeks. Sky apparently reflected my mood cause the clouds started to turn grey and blocked the warm sunlight.

“How?” Sungmin asked when I stomped out the door.

“Bad.” I informed him even when it’s clear in my face, “Bastard SM clan!”

I took a nice amount of oxygen when we went out of the building. Governmental building always gave me more pressure that any illegal places. I just asked Sungmin to come stay when I knew the Major postponed the deal with him, which he gladly accepted. We talked happily, until we saw the most disturbing scene.

A black sedan parked in front of the building. There was some kind of bodyguard that held open the car door for the man who was standing in front of the opened door but seemed to wait for something, or maybe someone. That man was the man from SM’s clan that smiled to us earlier.

“What is he waiting for? When the major said SM laid eyes on him, I didn’t expect it too much literal like this,” Sungmin whispered to me.

But before we could discuss any further, the man got a glimpse of us and fully turned his stare to us. So I didn’t imagine thing when I thought he indeed smile to us. We stopped in the path, fully aware of the danger. But they didn’t do anything. The man was eyeing us as if he wanted to examine us from top to toe, but then he smiled again. He smiled a well-trained-polite smile that reminded you of waiters at the expensive restaurant. He looked like kind of butler after all.

“Did he just smile to us?” Sungmin hissed between his teeth.

I didn’t answer him, cause I was afraid of what this man would do next, and to my horror, he dod exactly as what I predict. There were about 10 meters space between us but we could tell that what he was doing now was indeed to us. The man in the suit bowed a perfect-90-degree bow to us and soon followed by his men.

Sungmin lost for word, before he finally managed to ask after a minute or so when this guys finally rised from their bow, “Did they just bow to us for a whole freaking minute?” Sungmin looked around worriedly, then realized something. He moved away from me to confirm his thought and looked from the guys to me then back to the guys, then he said with a pale face, “Did they just bow to…YOU?”

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