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Petting a Boy - Chapter 3 [HyukHae Version]

Title: Petting a Boy - Chapter 3
Status: Chaptered
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3647
Pairing: HyukHae
Beta-ed by: my beloved vivalahyuk 
Summary: Donghae still freeloading Hyuk apartment. More lies have been told, more truths have been revealed.
Ime’s note: Fast update = short update! At first I’m planning this as first part of 3rd chapter, but well, let say this 3rd chapter instead. Because this is long enough to be called a chapter isn’t it? V! Thank you so much for beta-ed this!


“Then out of the blue, they bow to us!” Sungmin said dramatically, “And as bizarre as it happened, they left suddenly!”

“Just like that?” the other asked curiously.

“Yeah, just like that!” Sungmin answered with a lot of mystery in his tone.

I just watched him telling the other our encountered earlier with SM clan. We were in the usual small restaurant having lunch while exchanging some news. Somehow I managed to brainwash him and myself. I said to him I didn’t know them, and I was telling the truth. That’s rare, me telling the truth, but I really did NOT know them. But the part ‘why’, well I told him a little bit lie. Just a little bit, because I thought I knew why they did that. So that’s the part where I brainwashed myself. Everyone watched Sungmin with amazement in their eyes, like he was some kind of heroes who just saved a little kitten from Armageddon. And they eager to know more which Sungmin gladly told them more about it. But I noticed this one person who chose to watch Sungmin rather than hear what he said. I could see a sweet smirk lurking from the corner of his lip. He noticed me looking at him.

“What?” there’s just a little time when Kyu used such an offending tone.

Suddenly, the doors to the room harshly opened. “I’m home!” Hannie said with big smile. The other which still into the story pulled him into the drama and flooded him with stories and information, which amazingly had turned into a lot of ‘revision’ here and there and sounded a lot more dramatic.

“He’s gonna stay in the town for a few days,” I told Kyu.

“Yeah, so?” he said, with very convincing not-interested tone.

“Just in case,” I said, trying hard to put a casual expression on my face. In the end of the day, my ‘just in case’ turned out to be perfectly happened. After a lot of round of intent conversations with Sungmin, Kyu had managed to make Sungmin finally stayed in his apartment.

It was almost dinner, but my horrible day already ended. The other took another round of drink or tried to go somewhere else to spend their weekend in a date or just fucked around or some of them had more works to do. Hannie decided to go home. While Kyu and Sungmin…well did one of the things I said earlier. Anyway, liked always, I walked down home with Hannie. He always had something to do in the area near my resident so we always went home together.

“Interesting story,” he said out of the blue, but I already used to his ‘out of the blue’.

“Do you find my story about duck interesting?” I was clearly an idiot.

“No, babo! I mean the story that Sungmin guy told earlier!”

“Ah~ that…”

“So? What really happened?”

“Didn’t Sungmin tell you guys everything?”

“Yeah he did, but there’s a lot of make up here and there, so it’s a little bit unconvincing,” he laughed a little, “I mean come on! I want to hear your versions!”

“There’s no such thing called my version!”

He snorted, “You are unbelievable!” and here we go, he started his babbling about how fast Sungmin story would turn out to be just a gossip cause it was lack of evidence and too much drama then about my lying habits, about job that Boss had given him earlier, about how annoying Kyu was, about my lying habits, about how he had found Kyu had interest in Sungmin was very unexpected but amusing, about my lying habit, and finally his favorite of all, about the kid.

“Your apartment that way,” I said, trying to get rid of him.

“Uh, I will walk with you for a little while,”

“Seriously Hannie, you don’t have to always escort me home. It’s not like someone will suddenly hit a car towards me or something,” I laughed at my own joke. Okay, lame joke, since Hannie didn’t laugh at all.

“I’m not escorting you home; I just have something to do in that direction,”

“Yeah? Like one day I watched you go straight home after escorted me to the last turn to my apartment?”

“Well, um, yeah, I have, um, just remember to do something else at other direction, at home I mean,”

I watched him intently, “You know what? Sometimes you also suck at lying, especially when you busted or cornered like this.”

“I’m not,” he said casually, but not convincing enough.

“Alright, see you around, hyung,”

Apparently Hannie tried not to be stubborn and just made it this way today. He went straight home. So I walked down the rest by myself or at least until 15 minutes after.

I wrote down a mental note to my elf. Next time, I have to choose joke wisely, in case it turns out to be coming true. Like this one about someone suddenly hit a car towards me.

“God, Dammit! It was just a joke!” I screamed in frustration when a car made his way to hit me. I had a lot of way to escape, but I was sure, I won’t be fast enough to prevent the crash if this psycho really would hit this car towards me.

The psycho made the car went vroom. Who the hell are they, suddenly blocking my way and refuse to budge and even threatening to hit me?

I took a few steps back. The car followed me forward. I stopped. It stopped. I took a few careful steps to the right, and it threatened me with other vroom and some dangerous jumped.

What was the best option? No options. I looked around in panic trying to find something that could help me.

Suddenly there’s a sharp sound passed me by a few inch and next thing happened was the car front windows broke with strange patterns. Somebody just shot a gun! I took the moment to turn right and ran away, ran as fast I could. I could hear a few other shots from my behind and car alarm broke the silence. I took a few turn, still ran fast and faster if possible. My first instinct was to find crowded place. Somehow I felt like being followed, not by the crazy psycho driver, but by some other peoples.

I took another turn and hid in an alley to catch a breath. Damn, what’s with this place? It’s so quite like hell!

A drop of water hit my face. I looked up and cursed. The sky threatened to spill its content since morning finally had this perfect moment. And it was not just rain. In no time, it turned out to be a very hard rain. It’s near the end of autumn. So the water droplets were a little bit too cold.

I soaked every drops of sweat washed by rain. I wore a few layer of heavy clothing which also completely soaked and added more weight on my tired body. I still tried to catch a breath and tried to aware of my surrounding. But even a rat near my feet and few of its fellow didn’t breath. It’s dead silent except for the hard rain that muffed other sound.

After a few minutes, I thought maybe they lost me, so I slowly took a peek from the alley, that when I heard heavy pair of feet came to my way by running. I pulled back my head and became dead silent. The owner of the feet slowed their paces, make the sound even more threatening than before. It became closer, and closer by every steps. I started to pray and slide down to my feet. But then the owner of the feet that turned out to be a guy who passed the alley I currently in, out of the shock, I called him.


Hannie turned and looked at my direction. Suddenly the feeling of relief invaded me. It took me off guard that I didn’t even notice Hannie hid his hand that holding something. And hard rain muffed the faint ‘click’ noise.

“Hyuk!” he said, sounded relieve too, while his hand busy slipping something in his back without me noticing. “What are you doing here?”

“Isn’t that supposed to be my questions?”

This place was no where near any resident, and if I could recall, isn’t Hannie in his way home? And why did he also soak in the hard rain? Hannie took a look at his surrounding, before approached me and dragged me out of alley. “Come on, I’ll escort you home,”

Forgot to think, I told Hannie what had just happened earlier. But strangely, the usual noisy Hannie now had become dead serious. I could see it from the expression plastered in his face. He noticed it to, when I stopped talk. Then he said, to convince his situation, “Do you know who they are? Are they SM clan? Your encountered with them earlier today is smelly like a fish,”

“Maybe…It’s a high-probably,”

But Hannie became dead silent again. I couldn’t help, curiosity started filling me. Something started getting smelly too. Before I could ask, we were already in front of my apartment building.

“Alright hyuk, if something goes wrong, tell me okay?” he said, with too much concern. He took a pause for a moment than added, “And don’t run away like that when you get into trouble,”

What? Isn’t that funny? How could I stand still in the middle of gunfire? I raised my eyebrows in question.

“I have to go now, um~, there’s something I have to do.”

“Thank you for saving me,” I said earnestly.

Hannie lips curled into a soft smile, “Don’t worry about that!”

“Now no one will doubt Sungmin story anymore, ne?”

Hannie soft smile turned into a smirk.


Something is wrong. Something goes wrong. Everything happened earlier is fishy, smell like rotten fish, no, a full truck of rotten fishes.

Now, that I’ve become calmer than before, I started to think slowly. About the car… who was that? About the gunshot… what was the aim of the shot? Me? The car? Why? Who are the people followed me when I was running away? Did they chase after me? Did I really lose them? Why Hannie came from no where? What was he doing in the abandoned factory? Was he looking for something? Doing job from Boss? Did his encounter with me just a mere coincident?

Rain still fell hard when I reached my front door. I turned the knob and it’s not locked. I shivered a bit from cold air. I had to change my clothes quickly and dried myself.

“I’m home,” I said weakly and proceeded to the main room when I finished taking off my shoes.

“I’m home,” I repeated, in case the kid didn’t hear me, since there’s no answer.

The TV was on so did the stove which had a smoky boiling stuff on top of it. I came closer and took a look at it. It’s Tuna stew. The stew smelled delicious and immediately made my stomach growled loudly. The stew indeed smelled delicious but, it’s a little bit smelled like… it burnt? Where’s the kid anyway? Didn’t he say that we run out of stock? Where is he got the tuna from? I turned off the fire on the stove and walked away to turn off the TV, and then stood still to listen to a quiet apartment.

“Kid?” I called a little bit louder. But it felt so strange. Not even a single breathe I could hear. Slowly panic creeping up my sense. I hurriedly searched the kid in his room. The room was cleaner than before, it felt more like room now. But there was no brat in the room. I searched other part of apartment. I noticed that the kid really cleaned up the entire apartment. But no soul could be found, I was really panic. Did they come here before attacked me on the street?

“Kid?” I called again, sound too desperate. I opened the door to bathroom and still didn’t find anybody. “Donghae?”

I needed to call him! Oh yeah, phone!

I reached for my phone and flipped it open, half way to search his name before I remembered that I didn’t even have his number.

I ran out from the apartment and knocked desperately at Teukie’s door, nearly abused it.

What took him so long to open the damn door? “Teukie-YAH!”

“Geezh Hyuk! What’s wrong with you?” he said when he finally opened the door. I didn’t put so much attention so I didn’t notice his slightly abused lips. He added, “You are soaked,”

“Did you see Donghae?”

“Huh?” he said, registering what I had just said, “Yeah, early today, what’s wrong?”

“I can’t find him at home, I grounded him,”

“Huh?” he said, registering again what I just said, “Well, try to call him then!”

“But I don’t have his number, hyung!”

Teukie reached his phone from his pocket, still confused why I had to be this panic. Then he gave me the number. I immediately called him.

He didn’t pick my call.

I called again. It connected but no one picking up but before the called go down someone finally answered it.

“Yes?” an unfamiliar guy voice said.

“Who is this?” I said more panic than before.

“Isn’t I the one who supposed to ask you that question? Geez!”

“This is Donghae number! What are you doing with his phone?”

“Oh,” he said, and then he disappeared from the line. I could hear faint voice of conversation and then other people spoke to the line.

“Donghae here!” the kid said. Suddenly relieve flooded me inside completely, like washing over all the bad thoughts I had earlier.

“Where are you?” I blurted out.

“Hyukjae-sshi!” Donghae exclaimed with surprise.

“Aren’t you grounded? Where the hell are you?”

“I’m at the next door,”

“Guess again! I’m now with Teukie!”

“Yeah, but he’s not only our next door neighbor, isn’t he?”

Wait! What? Oh, that ‘she-next-door’?

“You know her?”


“That next door neighbor!”

“Yeah, but she is a he not she,” he said confused, and made me confused too.


“Heechul-sshi is a he,” he repeated.

“What?” I said stupidly.

“Heechul-sshi is the name of our neighbor and Heechul-sshi is a male,” Donghae explained clearly.

“But, isn’t the one living next door a woman?”

This time Donghae snorted loudly. I looked around to stare at Teukie, because he snorted loudly too.

“Did I say something wrong?” I exclaimed to both of them.

“I will stay for a little longer,” he said, ignoring me, “I made you a dinn… oh my God! My stew! My tuna stew!”

“I turned off the stove, don’t worry,”

“Did you? Oh thank you!” he said in relief, but then added shyly, “Eh, um, can I stay a little bit longer?”

“Alright, but come back before 9!” I sneezed, snapped close the phone before he could answer and turned around to leave without saying thank you to Teukie. Not gave him a change to demand my promise to talk to him, but he called me anyway.

“Hyuk!” I turned around halfheartedly.

“Hyuk,” he said again.

“What hyung?”

“You know,” he started, a little bit hesitate, “This morning Donghae borrowed a vacuum from landlady,” he stated and stop, so I had to encourage him to continue.

“Yeah, so?”

“So then he came to me after,” he started again, more hesitate than before, “then he said to me, you know that the landlady, as friendly as always, he had a good time talking with her which just asking ‘how have you been doing?’ ‘oh I’m good don’t worry,” Teukie said, a little bit stuttered and too fast, “and she said that he looked like a nice kid and she liked him and she thought Donghae must be a good cousin to you and…”


“Alright!” he said, took a breath. He took a pause rather too long but, with more hesitate voice in the next sentence, “she said that she’s happy to see you in this kind of condition, you know, no more bitches, I mean, girls that you usually take home with you, no more party and she thought that you are happier, since Donghae came,” he took another pauses and gulped before continue, stared straight to my eyes, “ever since… the accident.”

I stared back to his eyes. Dead silence. From inside his apartment I could faintly hear Kangin-hyung says ‘what took you so long Teukie-ah, who is that?’

“Haven’t you told him yet?” Teukie asked without waiting for my reply.

I nearly said ‘Tell about what?’ but, it sounded too pathetic even for me, so I took slightly wiser answer, “Why should I?”

“I don’t know. Maybe because you care about him?”

“I don’t care about him,” I said coldly.

“It almost a year you’ve been staying together and we thought you’re moving on,” Teukie said sadly.

“He’s just a stranger,”

“No. You pretend that you want him to be a stranger to you.”

“Maybe. So what will you do about it?” I knew that I went too far and a little bit to harsh to my hyung, but I didn’t want to talk about these two matters the most. Not about the kid, let alone the accident, and yes I pretended that such thing never happen.

“I think I should tell your sister. You really need a psychiatrist.”

“My sister is not a psychiatrist.”

“Yeah, but she’s gonna find the real solution for you since you can’t take care of yourself,”

“That’s enough. hyung!”

There’re sometimes that I felt angry to Teukie, that’s, when he forced me to accept reality, just liked now.

“You can pretend that the accident was never happened, and it maybe can soothe your pain, but doesn’t it make other pain more painful, Hyuk?”

I bit my lower lip, to prevent tears falling down on my cheeks.

“Think about that,” Teukie said then close the door. He didn’t expect me to answer.

I came back to my apartment with the worst feeling ever. I closed the front door softly then with my head bent down, I tried to dry my self. I took off the coat and took the towel from bathroom, but couldn’t bear with my own reflection on the mirror; I wandered around the apartment with towel hovering on my head. I tried to empty my head, but my gaze fell to a book shelf. It flawless clean, but this certain book a little bit pulled out of it positions, like someone pulled it off before but didn’t properly shove it back. I reached the book to push it in, but something caught my attention. Something was pressed again the heavy pages of the book. That’s why the book couldn’t fit in it own position. I took it out instead and something that pressed previously, fell over and made a small metal frictions noise before thud quietly on the carpeted floor. I stared down at the thing. Those were twin necklaces and twin rings taunted with each other.

I stared down at the things. Heavy feeling that I felt before, slowly blocking my breath. I couldn’t breathe. I kept staring down. I wanted to move away, but something held me back. Suddenly I hitched my breath, I forgot that I didn’t breathe and furiously taking breath to make up for it, or it was just a reason for me, to tremble horribly due to effort of holding back my tears. The memories I tried to burry this past two years flooded back and stabbed every inch of my wounded heart. All that lies I told to myself. All the anger I held back for two years, guilt, regrets. I had to admit Teukie’s word a minute before, was true. I was just too coward too realize it.

You can pretend that the accident was never happened, and it maybe can soothe your pain, but doesn’t it make other pain more painful, Hyuk?

Yes, you were right hyung, you were always right. But I must always take the hardest way to get the meaning. My eyes filled with painful tears that slowly began to trail down my cheeks. I fall to my knees. Like any other wound, if you didn’t take care of it, the wound with infected and getting more painful. Yes if hurt a lot.

“I’m sorry,” I said, incoherently, between my sobs.

I reached my hand forward and took the accessories to my chest. Clutched to it tightly and wouldn’t let it go for a while. I was to busy pitying myself, until my sobs faded away, replaced by nothing. I tried hard to let go all of the pain with the tears in my every breaths. Tears flooded silently down on my now wet cheeks. My face felt like burning. I couldn’t see anything since tears blocked away my visions. I was trapped between cries and holding it back. And it was hurt more when you were crying your heart out completely.

I was starting to mad at myself. I hit my chest, because my lungs seemed refusing to work. And finally I screamed out my sorrow. When my chest went up and down with fast pace, I breath out all the tears. I cried until I didn’t know for how long. I kept crying even harder when my tears dried away. I laid down in the flood of my tears and curled into a ball, I stopped crying to catch some breaths but then cried again. Dry cried that sounded pathetic even to myself and it finally became my lullaby to lead me for a sleep, but no, I didn’t fall asleep. I stopped crying when I fainted there, still clutching the cold metal.

Ime’s note: Why is our Hyukkie crying? ;___;


Tags: for: vivalahyuk, genre: drama, genre: mafia!au, genre: romance, length: chaptered, pairing: hyukhae, rating: pg-13, title: petting a boy
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