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Petting a Boy - Chapter 4 [HyukHae Version]

Title: Petting a Boy
Pairing: Hyukhae
Length: Chaptered; Chapter 4
Genre: Mafia!AU, Drama, Romance
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3334
Extra infos: Top!Hyuk, Teenage!Donghae
Disclaimer: I hope they are mine.
Summary: Hyukjae was a 25 years old single 'free-lancer' that loved to play around with girl. Not until he met Donghae, a strange 16 years old boy that cross-dressed when he had saved him from his bullies friends. Maybe Hyukjae regretted his actions, because the boy suddenly invaded his life and free-loaded him. Until almost one year later, when suddenly one by one fishy events and problems started to happen. Leaded them to more lies. But more truths finally had been revealed.
Beta-ed by: I-can't-say-how-much-i-love-her vivalahyuk 
Ime’s note: Yes, I know. I’m sorry. *bow low*. I do really sorry T____T.


Still the same morning.

“Urgh…,” I let out a soft moan. Shit. My head was spinning like never. I awoke, but didn’t wish to open my eyes. My head and my whole body were heavy, hot and sweaty. I’d never had a hang over like this before.


Wait a minute! I didn’t even drink yesterday!

I opened my eyes just to meet with darkness under my blanket. I breathed out hot breath that lingered in the little room under the blanket. I vaguely smelled breakfast. I tried to get off from the blanket but met with another blanket and another one and to my annoyance, another one. When I finally freed from layers of blanket, I figured out that I wasn’t only sleep with layers of blanket, but also a dozen of extra pillows and cushions. I dazed off a bit, still feeling dizzy. I looked around blankly. I was in my room. I looked down. I was wearing my old pajama. I looked a little bit lower. I was still clutching the necklaces and the rings. I looked to the mirror beside my bed. I had a horrible red-swollen-faced.

The last thing I remembered was…I was crying…on the carpeted floor in front of book shelf? And still wearing my wet suit…wasn’t I? Then what happened next? Why I was in my room? And on top of that, wearing my pajama! I peeked down to see my boxer and panty… and blushed slightly. Okay whatever!

I got up from the bed and got out from my room to go to the kitchen. But before I did so, I slipped the accessories through my head and hung it around my neck. I was literally dragging my feet. Despite how idiot I was, I knew that I was sick. I bet I fainted out last night due to exhaustion or because of running with almighty or because of crying and caught a cold by letting myself wet for long time.

I spotted the kid like usual in the same scene every morning, facing the counter, cooking. He heard my dragged feet and looked around to see me. “Hi!” he greeted, “how do you feel?” and before I could answered, he continued, “You had a very bad fever last night, thanks God we have nurse as neighbor or else I will frantically go insane.”

“Teukie was here last night?” I took a sit in front of the dinning table.

He finished his cook and turned around. He placed a bowl of porridge in front of me. I noticed him took a glance at my neck, but didn’t say anything, so I pretended nothing happen too. “Yes, of course, he helped a lot,” then he took a sit in front of me.

I stared at him, “Helped a lot? Like…” I trailed off, because I wasn’t sure what I had to say next.

“Like, he checked on you and dug out amounts of strange medicine from your first aid cabinet.”

“And?” I urged, want to hear the next part.

“And he stayed for a while to make sure that was okay to leave you before going back to his apartment.”

“Oh,” I said, a little bit too loud. So the one who changed my clothes was…

“And we moved you to your room then he changed your clothes,” he continued, ignoring my reactions.

“Oh,” I said, with a tone that made even me myself surprised to use it.

“Seriously, why are you wearing wet clothes?” he said in a bit concern, “Why don’t you immediately change them?”

“It’s kind of… none your business!” I always said those sentences when I cornered with his question. And it seemed he used to it, cause he immediately shook it off and instead sayid, “Eat your porridge! I made them for you.”

“I bet the taste is awful,” I took a spoonful and smelled it.

“It just because you are sick, Hyukjae-sshi.”

I frowned. We lived together for almost one year but he’s still addressing me with that suffix. But I was still addressing him with ‘kid’ or sometimes ‘brat’ too. I figured out another sentence Teukie said last night were true. I was pretending that I wanted him to be a stranger for me. Wait! Did I just admit that I was pretending?

I took the spoonful of porridge into my mouth. It indeed had no taste, I was sick after all. But he smiled at me. He served himself a bowl of the porridge and we ate together. I gave him a sour look but he smiled to me instead.



“Can I bring my school friend here?”

“No. This is not your apartment,” I said as cold as I can.

“I know. That’s why I’m asking! My teacher gave me, um, extra homework and asked one of my classmates to help me with it,”

“Your classmate gets extra work to take care of you and your homework but you give them more trouble by asking them to come here? Why don’t you go to your friend place instead?” I was still trying to sound cold.

“Um, because I was grounded?”

“Oh.” I said, didn’t expect the answer, “…”

“…” He waited for my reply.

“…” I kept silent.

“So? Can I?” He finally asked.

“Okay,” I failed to sound cold.

He beamed a bright smile that blinded my eyes and said with total excitement, “Thank you!”

I just managed to reply an “Uh,”

After that, he made a call, I didn’t have to be curious nor asked about the call since he spoke the whole conversation loudly, and with too much excitement in the voice. He asked his friend to come. He brought the bright mood all day when he washed dishes and other chores. We rarely stayed in the house where the other around and since I refused to go back to my bed and stayed to watch TV instead, I couldn’t help but to occasionally take a glance at him when he passed by.

I sneezed.

“You should get back to sleep Hyukjae-sshi! Have you taken your medicine yet?”

“Stop asking! You’re annoying!” I was still trying to sound cold.

“It’s okay to stay a little bit, but at least you have to take your medicine, Hyukjae-sshi,”

“I already did! Now can you please shut up?”

He smiled and said, “That’s great,” and resumed the chores.

“Woi! How much stock left?”

“Yeah?” He stopped from cleaning the table in front of me.

“Our food stock. Where did you get the tuna by the way? And rice?”

“I got tuna from Heechul and rice from Jungsoo-sshi,” He smiled at me and then added, “Jungsoo-sshi insisted to give me the whole pack of his rice, but I refused, I just needed enough amounts for your porridge. What a wonderful person he is.” He ended with a wide grin. But I snorted at that.

“Yeah, like, it was our rice after all,”

“Excuse me?”

“NO, no, never mind, you’re gonna think I briefly crazy and start arguing me and refuse to lose at the stupid bickering, so, yes never mind, How did you know that Heechul person anyway?”

“He is our neighbor,”

“I’ve never seen any male entering apartment next door,” I insisted.

“Kibum will arrive at anytime now,” he wondered, ignoring me. Okay, so I had to put improvisation here, what about the idea of this Heechul was ‘the-neighbor-next-door’ boyfriend? Hm… not really bad. So after I put the idea into my head, I continued the conversations.

“Do we have snacks to serve your friend?”

“No, I haven’t shopped yet since you grou…”

“Go ahead, shop now,” I cut him off. He smiled. I gave him a lot amount of money (the down payment given by Boss yesterday) and he went off to go shopping.

“If Kibum arrives, please tell him to wait.”

“I’m not a kid, stop telling me things!”

So, there will be a brat named Kibum disturbing my day today. I sneezed.

Near lunch, when I was in the middle of watching hilarious show about idols who were trying hard to make themselves funny, my phone riang.

“Yeah?” According to the phone screen, it’s Teukie-hyung.

“Hyukkie, are you alright?”

“Yeah. Why asking?”

“In case you forgot to take your medicine, and by the way, I’m still have night shift so Kangin will stop by near dinner, to watch over you,”

“I don’t need someone to watch over me hyung! I’m just catching cold! Not like some Rambo is hunting me down with bazooka in their hand,” I laughed at my own jokes, forget my own ‘mental note’ a day earlier about choosing wise jokes, “Just say he will be here for dinner,”
“Your joke was not funny, hyuk, if you even call that jokes,” Teukie voice was sharp and serious, “Hankyung had been around last night,”

“Huh? Around where?”

“You know, in the missions of love, he said,” He said it in funny tone, “anyway, he came to me and said few thing you didn’t mention yesterday,”

“Ah,” was my answer. But Teukie didn’t bring up the matter, instead he skipped right to the closing of the discussion.

“Listen hyuk, I can’t control your will and life, but please accept our effort to protect you. Don’t be so stubborn.”

“You’re not going to ask me questions?”

“What questions?”

“I don’t know! Maybe like, ‘who are they’, ‘what they want?’”

“Do I have to? I believe you are involved in many things due to your jobs that enough to gain enemies, not to mention your father has more enemies than you’ve ever imagined and they will be glad to hurt you, put aside the fact about your status,”

“Okay, I agree in ‘involve in many things due to your jobs’ part, but there’s no reason that I have to worry about two other parts, because, One, no one knows and Two, I don’t have a father, and if your statement is really true, I’m so surprise that I’m not dead yet by now,”

“Do you really not know why you haven’t died yet?” Teukie said, half mocking, half surprise.

“So you do believe that your statement is true?” I said, mocking him back.

“You really are impossible,” and Teukie ended the call without any other word.

He left the conversation hung there, with me wondering, so I tried to call him many times, but I knew he put his phone on his locker during worked, and just used it during lunch, so there’s no way he would pick the phone. In the middle of cursing Teukie, the bell rang. I got up to open the door and sneezed again.

“I’m looking for Kim Donghae,” a boy in the same ages as the kid said with a gloomy expression and the lowest level of excitement on his face, “Is he home, sir?”

“Kibum, right?”

“Yes, I’m Kim Kibum, you must be his cousin, Lee Hyukjae-sshi?”

“Huh? Oh yeah, right! You’re right! I’m his cousin,” I took a step back, “come inside, the ki…Donghae is shopping right now, he will be back soon,”

“Thank you,” he breathed out before entering the house.

I couldn’t help but staring at the boy. I wanted to ask him questions. But I didn't know how to start without him noticing how unclose the relations between me and the kid really is.

“So, you’re Donghae’s classmate?”

He simply nodded, staring blankly at the TV screen where the show was still airing.

“You must be a good friend of him,” I said casually, trying to build the chit-chat atmosphere. I sneezed.

He winched at my sneeze and said casually, “No, I’m not,” ruining down the chit-chat atmosphere before it even constructed.
“I should sleep,” I said and left him alone. This kid was a lot more impossible than the kid. I didn’t want even to try. “Donghae will return in no time, just make yourself home,”

When I woke up in the evening, I thought I was still in my dreamland. My head still hurt badly and I could hear faint conversation between a woman and a kid. I was looking around then eyeing my own reflections in the mirror. I dazed off for a moment, but the faint conversations reached my brain and I was unconsciously digesting it.

“… Hyukjae’s apartment…,” I managed to catch some part of the woman sentence.

“I’m his cousins…,” A kid said something back.

“Excuse me? You are his cousin?” the woman asked back.

“Y, yes,” the kid stuttered at the question.

“I’m sorry, but it seems impossible,” the woman says cold but gracefully.

The kid was whispering a hesitated ‘why’ but the woman simply ignored it.

“Since I’m his sister by blood and I have never heard of you as relative of our…”


I stood in front of my bedroom door after barging opened my door harshly and panting by sudden movement. I stared at 3 people who were staring at me now.

“Sora-noona~,” I cried.

“Hyukjae.” She simply stated.

“Hyukjae-sshi,” the kid whispered.

“I think I should leave,” the other kid said.

“Hyukjae, do you wish to tell me what is happening here?” Sora asked. “Do you have something to tell?”

I stared down at Sora hands which both clutching a big package of groceries. The kid was trying to convince his friend about something. I had to try to convince Sora too.

“What is it? I’m waiting for your reply,” My sister said politely.

“Ah, it’s rare to have you in my apartment,” I grinned sheepishly at her.

Her lips dangerously formed a thin line, “You have never mentioned him at your calls, and he claimed that he is your cousin. Don’t you think that is hilarious, Hyukjae?”

“He is…,” I was trying to say something.

On the other hand, the kid was still convincing his friend. I managed to catch some of the conversation, like, “Bummie-ah, don’t get this wrong,” or, “Please let me explain,” or cold answer from the friend, “I will excuse myself now, see you around at school,”

“Wh, what is that in your hands?” I tried to distract her, “For me?”

She looked down at the groceries at her hand then walked to the kitchen counter, “I decided to give you a visit, since Jungsoo called me this morning, said that you catch a cold,” she started to unpack the groceries, “Not that I’m worried about your illness, but I realized that I haven’t pay you a visit for a long time and I thought maybe I could help you with household,” she paused and look around then cleaned apartment, groceries that not unpack yet in far end counter, porridge at the stove, then focusing her glares at the head peeking from the hallway, the kid, “But it seems that you don’t really need me,”

“Wh, what did you mean by that?” I acted stupidly, or maybe I was. Just then thunder-like-voice erupted in the room.

“Sora!” the owner of the voice come crashed down the shy boy in the hall way in his attempt to enter the main room. “..sshi,” he added late, then helped the boy up.

“Youngwoon-sshi,” my sister bowed her head slightly.

“Dinner ready?” Kangin hyung asked shamelessly. I rolled my eyes at that.

“We are about to start cooking,” my sister answered him. “Does he also cook?” she asked me, pointing at the boy.

Kangin hyung watched curiously at me and my sister. He knew that I was trying to hide the boy existence from my mom and sister and seeing she asked me if the boy could cook, certainly something worth to tell to Teukie-hyung later.

“Ah,” I said, too preoccupied by the thought of whatever bad thing that could come out from Kangin hyung mischievous thought.

“He does, he does,” Kangin answered my sister instead, “He cooks every day, right hyuk?”

“I see…,” my sister trailed off coldly.

“No, Sora, it’s not like what you think!” I started to get panic and said non sense.

“What do you think I think?” Sora asked, careless.

“Not that way!” I didn’t even know what I was saying, but strangely, she seemed to understand.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell mum,”

“Yes! eeh?” I certainly didn’t want mum to know, but really, that was not the main problem. I needed to say it clearly that he was no one, he was not my…not my, err, boy… my boyf… boyfrie… “He is not!”

“What not?” she asked confusedly.

“WELL!!! THEN!!” Kangin hyung tried to change the topic, “Go ahead! Cook!” he said with a big smile plastered on his face.

She eyed me with weird expression. “Don’t worry, hyuk, I didn’t mind if this is what you choose…,” she sighed, and continued with barely heard mumble, “boy…and teenager…” and left me with no room to argue since she started cooking, dragging the stiffed boy to the kitchen and pushed me out.

Kangin hyung presented me a huge silly—almost mockingly—smile. “That was smooth…”

“What smooth? I will kill your boyfriend for sure!” I spatted at him.

“Sure, go ahead,” he was still with that annoying smile and left me mumbling grumbling cursing bitching to myself. What for sure, today was certainly not my day.

My sister tried her best to be nice to the kid, despite she rarely nice to stranger and that annoyed me even more. She taught him how to cook, since the kid obviously autodidact beginner at cooking and just started cooking ever since he lived here. Kangin hyung and I watched TV. While watching, or rather, he was babbling non-stop about something and I tried my best not to look anywhere around kitchen, not to see Sora noona and the boy were doing pretty well with each other. Teukie-hyung came when we almost finished our dinner, brought along with him Hannie that ‘happen’ to be around.

“Teukie is here!” He pronounced, not bothered to ring the bell and just came in without invited. Hannie though, he was not really happy being dragged by Teukie here. He seemed to have some important ‘thing’ to do.

Teukie joined us at the table, immediately took the seat beside his boyfriend. Hannie that followed him closely startled when he reached the table and took notice who were the occupants.

“A…” He said, not really saying a word.

The boy, didn’t disturbed with his dinner. Teukie and Kangin who saw Hannie’s reactions, reached the same. And I couldn’t help but looking at Hannie and my sister back and forth. I was sure Hannie and Sora had never met before. Something smelled fishy and that’s not fish dish we were eating. But I didn’t say anything. Knowing how stubborn my sister and Hannie were and they will never talk how hard I was trying.

“Sit Hannie,” Teukie said, “Sora this is Hannie, Hannie this is Sora,” they bowed to each other in greeting manner.

“I need to go now,” after a moment of silent awkwardness, Sora noona said and got up from her seat. Not even finished her dinner.
I followed her to fetch her things. “Take care, Hyukjae…” she said, crushing our cheek together.

She motioned Donghae to welcome her hug and when she crushed their cheek, she said, “Take care Hyukjae for me, dear…”
I rolled my eyes at that.

She then hugged Teukie and bowed her head slightly at Kangin hyung, “Youngwoon,” she said, and gave her last greet to Hannie.
She looked at him and gave him same treatment as Kangin, bowed her head slightly, “Hankyung-sshi.”

I was about to escort her to front door when the kid innocently said, and startled all of us, “I thought you didn’t know each other,”

“Who?” I asked.

“Sora-sshi and Hankyung-sshi,”

“Why do you think so?” I asked curiously.

“Because she knows Hankyung-sshi’s name. We haven’t mentioned his name, have we?”

Sudden awkwardness flowed in the air when all of us once again turned into silent and looked back and forth to both Sora and Hannie.

Tags: for: vivalahyuk, genre: drama, genre: mafia!au, genre: romance, length: chaptered, pairing: hyukhae, rating: pg-13, title: petting a boy
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