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Petting a Boy - Chapter 6 [HyukHae Version]

Title: Petting a Boy
Pairing: Hyukhae
Length: Chaptered; Chapter 6
Genre: Mafia!AU, Drama, Romance
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 4058
Extra infos: Top!Hyuk, Teenage!Donghae
Disclaimer: I hope they are mine.
Summary: Hyukjae was a 25 years old single 'free-lancer' that loved to play around with girl. Not until he met Donghae, a strange 16 years old boy that cross-dressed when he had saved him from his bullies friends. Maybe Hyukjae regretted his actions, because the boy suddenly invaded his life and free-loaded him. Until almost one year later, when suddenly one by one fishy events and problems started to happen. Leaded them to more lies. But more truths finally had been revealed.
Beta-ed by: vivalahyuk 




“Hyuk, wake up!” Someone whispered in my ears softly.

I opened my eyes and the sunlight hit me angrily. I covered my face by one of my hands. I intended to cover by both hands, but the other hand was prevented by something. When I looked aside to that ‘something’ my eyes wide open.

“Have fun last night?” asked a bored voice.

I looked at the owner of the voice and found Teukie drilled a hole in my head by his fierce glare.

I tried slowly dragged my hand from under the kid’s head didn’t want to wake him up, and then followed Teukie to the kitchen.

He made coffee without even asked first and gave me a cup. He still gave me the fierce glare then sighed when I didn’t say anything. “Seriously, Hyuk…”

“What?” I said feeling offended.

“He just 16 for God sake! That’s illegal!” he said angrily, and quickly added before I can replied, “And I bet after I caught you both slept together while cuddling in each other embrace, NOT that I believe you both ONLY did that, you will still deny everything!”

I closed my agape mouth slowly, “I didn’t do anything…” I said lifelessly, aware that my answer would take no effect even if it’s true.

“Yeah, right” Teukie said sarcastically, “Letting an under-aged-complete-stranger to stay at your place for unknown time… if I don’t know you, I’ll definitely think that you’re taking advantage at that kid. No different with other pervert ahjusshi, since you’re at the age of ahjusshi already! Seriously Hyuk, who are you trying to fool? It’s too clear that you in love with the boy.”

I stayed silent.

Teukie sighed at my lack of reaction, and added with more motherly tone, “I just… Please remind yourself that Donghae still under age and if you love him, you wouldn’t do anything to him… yet,” and patted my back assuring.

“I didn’t do anything…” I repeated myself, feeling hopeless.
“Good if you didn’t,” Teukie showed his fierce side once again, “I just don’t want you to go to jail for doing stupid thing,”

Yeah, right! As if my job won’t make me go to the jail, duh!

“Good morning,” said the voice behind me. We looked at the direction of the voice and found the kid standing in front of his door with his hands rubbing his eyes. The scene seemed familiar. And to my disadvantage, the kid looked exhausted. I turned to Teukie because I could feel his glare that as if said, “Now, you will still deny everything eh, Hyuk?’

And Teukie actually whispered, “I saw him yesterday, equally exhausted while in hurry because he was late going to school,” and added with cheerful tone, “Good morning, Donghae! Want some coffee?”

He shook his head but approaching us nonetheless. “I think I should make breakfast first before going to school,”

He looked at the clock and widen his eyes, “Oh no~”

It’s already seven pass thirty-something in the morning.

“You don’t have to go to school if you felt tired, yes Hyuk?” Teukie threw a menacing glare that made me nodded unconsciously.

“No I’m alright,” he said, rushing to the counter and started preparing. Teukie slapped my shoulder really hard and gesturing to the kid.

“Y, you don’t have to,” I said, not to the kid but to my cup, but Teukie seemed not satisfied, “You don’t have to go to school and, and I will call your teacher,” Teukie was still not satisfied and started poking my side, “and I’ll tell him that you’re not feeling well.”

Now that I thought about it, he did slightly looked pale. I eyed Teukie, and to my annoyance, he was still gesturing, “What?” I mouthed.

He was gesturing to the kid and then acted chopping, then frying, and then eating.

“I’ll make the breakfast,” I said and Teukie gave me two thumbs up.

The kid turned around to look at me. “I’m okay, Hyukjae-sshi,” he gave a rather cute smile tiredly. I tried not to show any reaction at that and looked somewhere else before I betrayed myself.

Finally Teukie voiced his opinion out by himself. “No, you don’t Donghae-ah. If you force yourself like this, you might be really getting sick. Look at yourself!!”
He pouted, but didn’t reply. “Hyukkie will do it for you, you could go back to your bed,” and Teukie dragged the boy back to his room despite of wriggles and whines from the boy. He didn’t get out immediately from the room and made me think that he might be said something to the boy. I just sipped my coffee silently.

A few moments later Teukie came over to the dinning table again and took a seat.

“He is exhausted, Hyuk, and his temperature is rising,” he sipped the last of his coffee and got up from his seat and ready to go, “You know better than me, so I will just leave him to you.”

“Where are you going?”

“Work,” he said simply, didn’t even bother to stop walking over the front door.

“How about the breakfast?”

“I had my breakfast,” Teukie said, almost in a mocking tone.

“How about mine?”

“Duh, didn’t you say that you would make the breakfast by yourself?”

“But you made me said that and now I’m asking for your responsibility!”

Teukie just laughed, not to hard because afraid to disturb the kid, and muttered something that seemed like an insult but I didn’t really get what he said and he left without another explanation. I hissed ‘put back those things you hide under your shirt’ before he closed the front door, but he still ignored me.

“Geezh…what was he here for anyway?”

I decided to call Ryeowook-sshi in lunch. Firstly, apologized because canceled the meeting for the second time already, then informed him about why the kid didn’t go to school. We agreed to meet up later in the evening.

I decided to check the kid while he’s sleeping. It would be too awkward for me to touch him while he was awake, because I was afraid if I would see him differently now. So after got some breakfast, or rather a scoop of awful burned scramble eggs, I went to his room with some equipment.

I opened the door silently and entered the room. He’s panting in his sleep. To get a better view, I came closer. He was beautiful, *cough* I meant, he was sweaty and he breathed shortly, yeah, but still, it’s not the first time I realized how smooth his skin was. Even if he frowned, the tender texture of his face still could be seen. I noticed his skin tanned a lot, making his once pale skin turned brown but still lovely. I sat in the edge of the bed carefully and place my hand on the kid’s forehead. Yes, Teukie was right, his body temperature was increasing.

“Mom~” he whispered. His brows created a mess line in his face.

I froze. He was talking in his sleep again.

My hand was still on his forehead and when he didn’t stop mumbling, I brushed my hand upward to his hair and before I knew, I started to calm him down.

“Ssh~ it’s alright, it’s alright,”

To my dislike, he opened his eyes and looked at me straight in the eyes. We stayed a while like that. Unconsciously my gaze softened and slowly his contorted expression softened too.

I withdrew my hand from his head and trying to say something, “Um… you have a fever.”


I pretended busying myself with his hand, trying to examine his pulse.

“Can I see your tongue?”

He obeyed and let me examine his tongue.

“Hold this in your mouth for 60 seconds,” I handed him a thermometer. He eyed me with a slight frown but obeyed nonetheless.

So, for those 60-torturing seconds, we fell into silent and it was extremely uncomfortable for me since he kept staring at me.

“S, so…,” I tried to switch his attention, “Your teacher was here last night,”

He raised his eye brows. I took the thermometer and checked at the red mercury, “Was he?”

“Yes, he told me some interesting things,” but the boy didn’t react, he just kept staring, like daring me to say it.

I got up and walked out from his room to the closet where I stocked up my first aid. Well, ‘stocked up’ because it’s more like mini infirmary cabinet than a first aid box. I took a bottle and examined the label, before placed it back to it place, and picked other bottle. After I found the medicines and fetched a glass of water, I reentered the boy bed room. He looked like he didn’t expect me to come back, then he eyed what I had brought with me.

“You have a lot of medicine in your cabinet, Hyukjae-sshi…”

“Well preparation,” I shortly said. I took out a tablet from every bottle, placed the bottles in his night stand and handed him his medicines, “Here” then handed him the glasses.

He took one of the bottles in the night stand and examined it, “What are these?”

“Your medicines,”

“You know very well about what you are about to feed me, don’t you? Amoxicillin?” he read the label on the plastic bottle.

“It’s an antibiotic.”

“On doctor’s prescription only,” He read out loud and eyed me with questioning look.

“Teukie got you the prescription,” I lied.

“Oh,” he said but didn’t ask further then gulped down the medicines.

“Get back sleep,” I said and walked over the door.

“Hyukjae-sshi…” I came to a halt but didn’t turn to face him, “Thank you…” he said with soft voice. I could feel my check heated up so I quickly stormed out of the room without said anything back.

I tried my best to become good person, so I decided to stay at home to watch over the boy.

Mr. Boss called, demanded reasons why I could not come to his office. It was obvious that he really needed me even if he said that it’s not a big matter. After assured him, practically there’s no interesting things happened and I just bored myself in front of the television and reminded myself to order a take over for lunch.

After struggled with burned-rice-that-supposed-to-be-porridge and gave up, I visited the boy again in his room. After he took medicine, his sleeping seemed better. I approached him silently. I wiped his sweaty forehead with a towel and rearranged his blanket, but I couldn’t help myself and took a sit in the edge of his bed then watched him.

No frown on his face and it made a lot of different. He looked more peaceful. His mouth opened slightly and took my attention to his lips. I stared at it and suddenly it zoom in on my view. I shook my head to snap off of my thought. Not a very nice thought. Seriously Hyukjae, you’re freaking creepy. Then I plastered a fever plaster and hurriedly got out of the room.

That’s when Sungmin called.

I closed the door carefully, picking up the call, “Hyukjae’s here,” and grinned to myself.

“Hyukjae-ah!” he said enthusiastically, “Let me come over to your place!”

“Eh? You’re in Seoul?”

“Yeah, kind of,” I could imagine he was smiling, “I’ll be soon and after settle a few things with Mayor-sshi, I’ll come over,”

“You need me to pick you up?”

“No, it’s not necessary. Hankyung said you’re sick, right?” he said in concern.

“I’m better now, don’t worry about it,”

“Good to hear that, Hyuk, that young boyfriend of yours surely taking care of you very good,” and he giggled a little.

“He’s not my boyfriend,” I said rather coldly. Sungmin seemed taken aback at my reaction and decided to be smart and didn’t ask further.

“Okay, then I’ll come later, take care Hyuk,” and ended the call.

That would be a boring but very good evening if everyone decided not to start calling me.

Kyu called not long after Sungmin and asking the most ridiculous question that had ever come out of his mouth, “Will Ryeowook come to your place?”

“No, why?” I asked, really confused because Kyu didn’t sound like Kyu after all. He never rushed things.

“Nah, I’m just asking…” he tried to avoid the question.

But I was too smart to my own good, well, sometimes at least. I smirked and asked again, “Why don’t you ask Ryeowook yourself?”

“….” There’s some background sound in the line. In my imagination, I could hear his thought was saying that the cute teacher wasn’t even picked his call, “Bye, Hyuk,” he said, intended to end the call.

I stopped him by saying, “I’ll meet up with him later this evening.”
“Oh,” he said sounding not too concern, but kept asking, “Where?”

“You want to come?” I teased him.

“No,” he said, but I know better. He didn’t mean it.

“Then come,” I was trying to become a good friend for him.

He kept acting not interested at my offer, but agreed nonetheless.

The next call was a missed call from Teukie. He disconnected before I could pick up. That was weird, because it’s not lunch time yet and I was very sure that Teukie was away from his locker. That was why when I called back, no one answered.

Then Hannie added the weirdness of the day.

“Just want to check you up, making sure you are okay,” he said hurriedly, before I could ask him anything.

Not enough yet? Then soon Heechul called. I was even surprised he had my number.

“I didn’t see you come out from your flat,” he said straight to the point.

“Yes, I’m home, the kid have fever.”

“Really?” I could identify a concerned tone, “What were you doing to him?”

I startled at the question. What was that mean? “NOTHING!” I exclaimed.

“Gezh, my holy fuck, you didn’t have to shout! Do you think you live in the jungle or something?”

I was dumbfounded. This was just the third time I spoke to him. First, when he picked the kid’s phone, he sounded cold toward me. Second, last night in the balcony, he was so sweet that made me wonder if the previous cold phone conversation was only my imagination. And now? He called out of the blue and started said thing that made ‘casual’ become an understatement of the year.

“I’ll come over. I have nothing to do,” he said, didn’t need any reply since he continued, “I’ll bring some beers. You better be grateful and treat me lunch,” and a few minute later, he rang the front door bell.

Heechul was still acting like a bitch. After a while, I realized that this is how he actually was. Even if I was still dazed off from the over used of cuss words coming out from his mouth, somehow I knew that he was just trying to be honest to me. Trying to open his real self to me. I didn’t know why, but I wasn’t complaining.
Heechul opened his third can of beer when my phone rang once again.

“Hello?” I greeted the caller casually, because I didn’t see the id first.

“Hyukjae honey…,”


“Yes, Hyukjae, it’s Mom, how have you been? Why didn’t you call me?”

“Mom…,” I said again, put down my barely touched beer in the table.

“Are you drinking? In the middle of the noon?” She said, hysterical. What is she? A psychic?

“No!” I said in reflect. But mom stayed silent and somehow I felt like the need to defend myself, “Just a sip.”

“Do you forget how to take care of your body already?”


“Are you smoking?”


“Do you eat well?”

“I miss you mom.”

“I miss you too, Hyukjae, but don’t change the topic!”

“Where are you mom?”

“I’m in a charity event.”
“In the town?” I succeeded change the topic.

“No, out side, darling…”

“I want to meet you mom…”

“I’ll be back tomorrow then maybe we’ll meet at home?”

“You know, the answer is a ‘no’ for that.”

“Don’t worry darling, your father won’t home at least until the end of the week.”

“That’s not the problem.”

My mom sighed, “I know, Hyukjae-ah, but we can’t meet out side, and please, I’m tired of this repeated conversation which the result always in you and I never meet in the end for real.”

“Meet me in a restaurant.”

“We can’t darling, it’s too risky.”

“You can come to my apartment,” I insisted.

“If that possible, we had already met long time ago…”

“I miss you mom.”

“Stop making me feel guilty, Hyukjae, it’s just as simple as you come home!”

“No, never.”

My mom sighed again, “You’re just as stubborn as your father.”

I didn’t want to hear that. But I couldn’t say it, especially because it’s my mom who’s talking.

“I heard from Sora,” she continued, didn’t expect my reply.

“Eh?” and that caught my attention back to her. In the corner of my eyes, I could see Heechul, who’s already finished the last can of the beers and seemed wasted in the floor. “Heard what?”

“That you fell sick.”

“Oh,” I said in reflect. And, you know why it’s always hard talking to your mother when you had a secret? Because she always knew.

“What was that? Did I suppose to hear something else?”

“No, no, you’re not… I mean, I don’t know what you mean by that.”


“I swear mom, it’s nothing…,”


“Come here and find out yourself!” I dared her. That was not nice of me.

She chuckled, and made my heart dropped to the floor, “I’ll just ask Sora. You never make her promise something to you.”

“That wouldn’t work.”

“Let just see, ah and honey, I have to go, it’s my turn.” She disappeared from the line to talk to someone and came back shortly, “Watch morning news if you miss me too much,” and she laughed, “Maybe it will help.”

“I never watch news.”

“Bye darling, I love you.”

“I love you too Mom…” but she didn’t end the call. I could hear her steady breathing and could imagine her gentle smile. It longed until a faint voice and loud murmurs from the other end could be heard.

“I love you, my son,” she said, with a force tone, probably holding her tears.

“I love you Mom.” Now I regretted not calling her first.

I turned my attention to sleeping Heechul on the floor. His smirk and rotten smile earlier faded away from his face, replaced by sad tone all over his beautiful feature. Maybe this was the reason why he came here and started drinking in the middle of the noon.

I lifted his thin body to the couch and placed him there. He was frowning when I covered him with a blanket. Then I checked on him, just in case he fell sick too. But he was alright, just needed some sleep.

I spent the remaining evening by reading book and drowned myself in the silence. That’s why I was so startled when suddenly the door bell rang through the whole apartment.

I could hear a grunt from the couch, but the occupant didn’t wake up. I wondered if Heechul-sshi didn’t get much sleep last night.

“Oh, hi Hannie-hyung!” I greeted when I saw who the guest was. Hannie just gave me a simple smile and proceeded inside without being invited first. I didn’t remember he mention about coming over in his call earlier.

“Hi hyuk,” he said while kicked off his shoes. “You have your lunch yet?”

Oh, yes, I forgot to order the take over. “No, er… you bought something with you?”
“No, Teukie said Donghae is sick so I volunteered myself, since I happen to pass by here.”

Happen to pass by? Are you sure you’re not looking for someone?”

“Someone? Who?” Hannie frowned, acting confused.

“I don’t know maybe a certain neighbor of mine?”

Just then he spotted a figure that was still sleeping soundly in the couch. I saw a slight blush coloring the Chinese man’s cheeks but he quickly looked somewhere else.

“So… well, let’s cook something,” he said and walked over to the kitchen.

I sat behind the counter while Hannie cooked. Intentionally, accompanied him while continue reading, but I couldn’t help but to stare at his back. I wanted to corner him with questions badly. And I did ask the questions when he prepared the food he just cooked in the plates.

“You seem busy lately,” I mimicked what Boss said yesterday in our phone call.

“Huh? Really? And what make you said that?” He didn’t look up from his foods.

“Because you didn’t catch up with me and your phone was out of reach.”

Hannie laughed softly at my statement and asked back, “Did you even call me?”

I blushed at the question but didn’t want to give up, “Well, no, but some other people did try.”

Hannie said something in the Chinese to avoid the question and so I just shrugged off the matter, but asked other question, “Where have you been yesterday?”

“Around,” he answered halfheartedly. I snorted.

“You smell like a fish,” I said with apparent sarcastic in my voice.

“I was doing something, Hyuk,” he said gloomily.

“Like what?”

He didn’t answer but instead eyed the couch. I turned and looked at the direction and saw the person who was laying on it.

“You didn’t get in to trouble with Heechul-hyung, did you?” I had a strange feeling that it was indeed the problem, “You should stay away from his girlfriend, you know?”
“Eh? I don’t know he has a girlfriend,” Hannie stopped his activities and turned fully to look at me.

“Yes, my neighbor next door, you know? Wait, didn’t you the one who fall in love with her?”

“What? Wait a minute! I think there’s misunderstanding… I thought you said that I fell in love with his girlfriend?” Hannie exclaimed in a pure confusion.

I scratched my head, now, I was confused myself, “Well, yeah…”

“I didn’t even saw her yet, how could I fall in love with her?”

“She was the one who passed by when I escorted you to the front door, Hannie… err… in the day when you companied me bought a bed for the boy…”

Hannie pondered at his memories and slowly his eyes widen in understanding but then frown slightly when he looked back at me, “Seriously, Hyuk, are you these dense or just pretending to be stupid?”

“What do you mean?” I confused even more.

“The lady we saw that night was Heechul-sshi, didn’t you know?”

“What? WHAT?” I exclaimed in surprise.

“Ssh~ you might wake him up!”

“But she is a she and he is a he!” I insisted.

“Well, he is… kind of… at that night… cross dressing?” He suggested.

“Cross dresser?” I asked again, disbelieve.

“Maybe, I don’t know… he never told me anything about himself…” Hannie continued with his foods. He looked sad.

“Wait, you said that you… you mean…, you know from the beginning?”

Hannie looked up and frown, “Well, it’s quite obvious, you know? Why should I not know?” he eyed me with a concern look then added a heavy sigh.

“You know him?” I asked stupidly.

“Well… you can say that…I guess…”

I didn’t understand what he meant by that, and apparently, he knew that I didn’t understand. He looked at the couch direction again with soft gaze in his eyes, “He needs time…”

“You love… him?” I asked again, still stupid.

He turned to look at me, looked like he was a little bit startled by my questions and didn’t immediately answer. He pondered the answer and did a few attempts to answer but failed until a few moments, he answered firmly, “Yes, I love him, Hyuk.”

I amazed at the sincerity in his eyes and couldn’t help but wondering, “Can we… really… can we love someone that easy?”

Hannie gave a simple smile, “Don’t think too much… love is something that comes from heart….not from your stupid brain, Hyuk.” I just stared at him with my mouth slightly opened, “And guess it’s time for lunch… before the food’s getting cold.”


Ime’s note: HA! No smut 8D and not much in the plot… just more mysteries~ and NEW BANNER!!!
Don’t get tired okay? Coz I’ll put more mysteries in the future chapters *evil laugh*
and I give you bonuses: Hyuk didn’t deny Teuk’s statement that he loves the kid, LOL XD and more eunhae *wriggling brows* and I can’t promise to update fast…

You can skip this rant:
I have 7 one-shot fics that I have to write (I have to finish 2 of them before this week over and 3 of them before I update the chaptered fic) D: and I have other 2 chaptered fics that I have to continue DD: and I don’t know how to finish all that DDDD: but what for sure is:

Tags: for: vivalahyuk, genre: drama, genre: mafia!au, genre: romance, length: chaptered, pairing: hyukhae, rating: pg-13, title: petting a boy
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